Rusty Tank!

i have a 1980 puch maxi with a rust tank, i have to clean the carb almost everytme i ride the thing in order for it run descent. would a inline fuel filter solve my problem? i dont want to go thru the hassles of using acids and such. any info is greatly appreciated!

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yes, an inline fuel filter will help.

Re: Rusty Tank!

Hi! Cleaning out the tank would be the best to give you a dependable bike.It's not that hard to do.Take off the tank and take it to a radiator repair shop,after you remove the fuel valve and strainer.Once they're done,a guy told us at that you can get some stuff called CREEM at a motorcycle shop which will prevent further rusting.I'm against an extra in-line filter because of its causing more restriction and chance for air bubbles.Just make sure the factory filters are clean and in place.BYE!

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also do a search in the forum for posts on cleaning rusted tanks. step by step directions are there. i'm also not a big fan of inline fuel filters, but mostly due to aesthetic reasons. they don't seem to harm performance in any way.

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I also have a puch maxi and the problem with cleaning the tank is it's not removable. I have a little bit of rust in mine, but its not bad. The filter definately helps, but i would like to find a way to clean it all off too.


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Chris Robertson /

I have a couple of mopeds whose tanks don't come off. When I clean them out (using phosphoric acid --i.e. automotive rust remover), I just hold the brake levers, pull the ped way onto the back wheel so that it's almost inverted (be careful of your tail light!) and have a shake-o-rama. I get somebody to balance the bike when I do the same thing on the front wheel.

It's definitely easier if the tank comes off, but you can get away with just shaking the machine.


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This is of little help now that your tanks rusty, but in the future you could try this. To keep your tank from rusting when you put it to bed each winter try draining the gas tank and spray or pour WD-40 in the tank. Get it lined with WD-40 and you should be good. When spring comes just add your gas and the WD-40 will mix with the gas and have no harmful effects to the running of your engine. I also spray WD-40 into the spark plug hole to keep the rings and piston from rusting.

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