honda express

Can anybody w/ an owners manual please e-mail offlist. I have a 78 Honda NC50 Express and would like the specs on oil types and quantity to use. thanks

Re: honda sh50 express

tommy mccartney /

": the bike does 25 mph flat out, it must be governed. where is the govener and how do i remove it please...<p>"

Re: honda sh50 express

Robert Callen /

<HTML>I also have a SH50 City Express (aka. Scoopy) and I want to tune mine to get more speed. It travels at about 25 mph - 30 mph normally. Is there some sort of restrictor? That I can remove?

Please help me.</HTML>

Re: honda sh50 express

<HTML>Do you have any ideas yet, because i'd like to to get some more speed also and acceleration power</HTML>

Re: honda sh50 express

mike Hierholzer /

I've got a copy of the maintenance manual that covers the entire year range.

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