Tomos ST '09 adding batt/regulator for lights

Howdy. I am sick of having to rev my engine in order to be able to honk, while signaling and braking, at night.

I have a 2009 Tomos ST (non-electric start). I am picking up a 1.3 amp-hour lead battery and a heavy duty regulator, gonna wire those between the stator take-off and the electrical system.

The guy at 1977 Mopeds thinks my bike is AC because it does not have a stock electric start/battery, but I think it is DC based on 1) my admittedly crappy Radio Shack multimeter readings and 2) the fact that chassis ground works for my bullet aftermarket headlight. If it is AC, I'll need to add a rectifier.

Anyone have any words of wisdom? Seems like it should be a straightforward wire job, I am about to plug my oil injection and go to premix, so there will be plenty of room under the seat for the guts of this mod.


Re: Tomos ST '09 adding batt/regulator for lights

Yeah do something before you start blowing bulbs.

Re: Tomos ST '09 adding batt/regulator for lights

That guy at 1977mopeds is right. Your electrical output is in AC current, not DC. You will need a rectifier to charge an on board battery.

Having a crappy multimeter and making a light work is not proving your system is DC. DC lights will work on an AC system, but they will burn out faster.

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