tricking out my sachs


(for full story on my moped look up my name dan maddalone on the name list thingy, man I wrote that bio a long time ago, weird. Anyway!)

I have a 1981 Sachs Prima.

It looks like any old moped except it has bitchin

Re: tricking out my sachs

Find out what motor you have on it. It will have a tag over the flywheel that will say 47 or 49cc on it. It will also give a number starting with 505/1 and then a letter A,B,C, or D Sometimes it won't have the letter.

The best motors are the C and D. They also have the better clutch. The A isn't a bad motor to start with either. The B motor sucks, stay away from these. The D motor is the best. It shares the top end of the C motor with a longer crankshaft for a slightle bigger motor 49cc and a higher compression.

Both C and D motors have bigger transfer ports in the cylinder. The blocks have the same small size transfer as the other motors. This means that port matching the block to the larger transfers in the cylinder will net rewards.

Let me know what you have and we can go from there.

Re: tricking out my sachs /

fast sachs = clutch go KABOOM!...u can use the 2 piece biturbo to get a bit more speed but i guess much over 40mph makes the clutch explode.

Re: tricking out my sachs

primas' are nice, b engine typically, so 25 stock.


Re: tricking out my sachs

nerdzilla NoPeds :( /

switch carbs, get performance chamber, get larger header, get smaller rear sprocket.... ect.

Re: tricking out my sachs

Daniel Maddalone /

I have a D!

Re: tricking out my sachs

The 50 and 70 cc kits are nice 80cc's are kind of evil. If you search you'll find the tricks for keeping the clutch form un-screwing itself. 505's wont throw the flywheel like a 504 will either.

Weld up a pipe, make a slightly bigger carb work and you are usually pretty good.

Re: tricking out my sachs

Daniel Maddalone /

Its a D engine and totally rips surprisingly hard for a moped.

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