Honda NX50 Express-SR won't start

My Express-SR won't start unless I stick my thumb in the throat to choke it. It will start then and if I keep it running by this method until it warms up it will run OK. I've had the carb off and cleaned it, then cleaned it again to be sure. the air screw is set at 1 3/4 turns and I've tried turning it in and out. I cleaned the choke control box as well as I can tell. It passes fluid and air OK. Blew everything out with compressed air when I cleaned them. I still supect the control box may be faulty. Advise would be welcome. Does anyone know if parts are available?

Re: Honda NX50 Express-SR won't start

Chris Robertson /

I'm not intimately familiar with Express mopeds, but if you have to choke the engine with your thumb, the automatic choke isn't doing what its supposed to do. It seems a pretty straightforward conclusion that the automatic choke isn't working properly. For parts, call your local Honda motorcycle dealer --it's surprising what parts are still available.


Re: Honda NX50 Express-SR won't start

Jordan Smith /

I know this may be a little to late being that the topic is quite old.

I bought one of these scooters from a friend for $50.00 and I have been having that problem and more out of mine. I noticed there were 2 capped off gas lines 1 main line and 1 that was connected to the bottom of the carb I pulled it of the bottom and blew in it and gas went into the carb so I didn't have to kick it like a rabbit to start it.

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