Kalamazoo--This is a call!

Greetings Moped Army--

You may know me by sight but probably don't know me by

name but, that's okay.

I'm writing to ask any or all of you if you might be able to help me

repair a moped. To be exact, I've got three Motobecane Mopeds all in various states of disrepair.

I was hoping that Simon would be able to help me with them but,

(as he always does). . .he has too much more going in his life than any one normal human can handle.

(i seriously think he's a robot.)

Simon mentioned that Chad might be the person to ask or Dave B might be up for the challenge but, honestly, I'm looking for any help that I can get.

Here's the situation:

three motobecane's

two with engines

one without.

Two are exactly the same model-one with engine and one w/o

The moped without the engine's frame is in much better

condition than the one with the engine.

The third is a different model but seems to be almost

completely intact.

What I would like to see happen:


Get the third moped running.

Taking whatever parts are necessary from the others


Get the third moped running.

Swap the engine to the nice frame and get it running as well.

(Dan initally advised me against this but, I can't stop thinking that I'm wasting a beautiful frame and lots of nice shiny chrome if I don't swap out the engine. I know it's going to be work but, I really don't care.)


I really have no idea where to start.

I have no knowledge of any kind of engine let alone a

moped engine.

What i'm really looking for is someone to get me

started. I've had these mopeds for almost two weeks

now and I've only been able to really start cleaning

them up. I'm not afraid to do the work on them, in fact I want to learn how to fix them more than I want them to be fixed right away.

I just want to have someone point me in the right direction.

If you can help me at all,


I have garage space so weather is not a factor.

I live at 533 W. South St. which is right next to the

Hospital Hospitality House, about halfway between Oak

and Westnedge on the right side of South Street.

(Down the street from Moped Manor)

I've got various open times during the week in which I could work with any or all of you.

Specifically, Monday and Tuesday afternoon and evenings are good, Wednesday and Thursday after 4pm. Friday after 5:00pm.

If you want to call:


or you can just write me e-mail, if it's more convienent:


I'd appreciate any input you guys/gals might be able to give me.



Re: Kalamazoo--This is a call!

i'd love to help, but i know nothing about motobecane. everyone here seems rather stumped by them, except for chat (perhaps). email him directly. i've heard motobecanes are horrible to work on. that's about all i know about them. sorry.

Re: Kalamazoo--This is a call!


Re: Kalamazoo--This is a call!

Hi! MOTOBECANES in general are extremely sturdy bikes which will haul 2 people ,no problem.BUT, you must get a shop manual for the bike you're fixing,and for the engine you're putting on it.Check to see if the bikes you have are #50 or #50v. The `V' stands for variable transmission and they are better than the plain single speed.NOW, I think it's the magneto cover on the right side of the engine that has `OPPOSITE TURNING THREADS' on the main center nut.SO,do you see why I say `get the shop manual'? I wish you success with it! BYE!

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