Gas Prices

well what are the gas prices in your area?? where i live there about $1.80. Looks like i'll be drivin the ped a lot more this summer. which is cool with me, i like my little Garelli just wish it went faster!

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Infected Boot Sector /

It's $1.63 here in Maryland.

Re: Gas Prices

$1.84 so far....and going up.

Re: Gas Prices

david f martin /

Yeah, it's funny...

Folks used to ask me how fast my ped was, now they ask me what kind of mileage I'm getting. Heh, heh... guess I got the last laugh!


Re: Gas Prices

You people just make me sick with your cheap gas prices!! In the Chicago area, gas is almost $2/gallon--around $1.95 or so. So I don't want to hear any more whining until you can top that!!

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Chris Robertson /

Here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, gas is going for about CDN$0.85/litre which works out to about US$2.12/gallon.

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Don't whine about a town as long as you choose to live's about $1.73 for the good stuff here in NC. But what does it matter? I haven't even checked my tank in the last 300 miles i've ridden it...hehe.


Re: Gas Prices in La La Land

The cheapest I've seen this week is $1.78. Average is about $1.82 for the cheap stuff.

Full Serve Chevron Premiuim is $2.55.

Jim C.

Re: Gas Prices in La La Land

In Roanoke (redneck) Virginia, its 1.43 for cheap stuff or Leaded Racing Gas is 3.49 gal.

Re: Gas Prices in La La Land

Well, here in NJ, self serve is illegal . .. so ...

full serve 87: 1.53

plus 89: 1.61

ultra 94: 1.91

im not complaining, i can afford it. I'll be happy even if they're $3.00 a gallon, i still can afford it, and it will make those SUV driving, moped threatening people crying. So if you ask me, since we all have fuel efficient mopeds, we should want to make gas a lil more expensive so we can all get the last laugh.


Re: Gas Prices in La La Land

I talked to a friend from England the other day, and after metric and cash conversions, we figured they are paying over $6 per gallon. That's why there are no big, stupid SUVs over there...

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