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I'm as close to an expert as you will find on shipping to Canada.

Some tips: If you have to order parts for your ped and you have friends here in the states, have the parts shipped to them.

Then have them ship it to you and when they fill out the customs forms tell them to list all the contents as GIFTS. EACH gift cannot exceed $60.00 in value (check this to be sure...just google "shipping to Canada" and you will find the figures). You have to check the exchange rates because the dollar figure is based on the Canadian dollar...not the U.S. dollar. You can avoid all duties and fees by shipping all items as me...I know how to do this....I've been sending things to Canada for over 5 1/2 order to avoid the fees you have list each item below the $60.00 amount...of course, that will affect any insurance claim if you ever have one...but I have never had a single package sent through UPS get damaged. UPS can mark the shipment as gifts...make sure they do it...and you also have a place you can write it in the "Special Instructions" area on the paperwork.

Keep in mind...some things are is up to you to decide what you say is in the box.

Duties and fees can be is certainly cheaper to follow the above shipping tips....

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Cool! Thanks a lot!

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I also just found out a friend of mine has a shipping address in the US. He lives in Sarnia so he's right on the border.

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Good for you...this will save you A LOT of money...Canada penalizes the heck out of their citizens on goods from the U.S.

And Quebec....don't get me started...the things they tell people there...unbelievable stuff. Some shop owner told my girlfriend that Juicy Fruit gum isn't made anymore....and forget trying to find an English language DVD least in the Montreal area...she's looked everywhere.....

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I only regret not knowing all this before hand. Now I just spent 85$ on shipping and god knows how much on duties when it all comes in.

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I had to teach myself all of this stuff. The first time I shipped to Canada my package was tied up in customs and UPS was awful in helping me. The duties alone were over half the value of the package. Fotunately, some lady in the International shipping section got the Canada customs agents to understand I was shipping gifts...and that changed everything.

I went online to learn all about the values of gifts...the limits before duties are charged....I taught myself how to do it and I have never had a problem since the first time....and I have sent close to 70 packages in this time....

Go to the Canadian govt. website on shipping into it...take some notes and do exactly as they say...your stuff will fly through customs if you have a friend ship it to you from here and they do what they are supposed to do...

Most important things are:

1. List the contents as GIFTS

2. Keep the value of EACH gift below 60 Canadian dollars...

but check this may have changed....whenever I ship I put the value for each item at never more than $40 US dollars...when I first started doing this the exchange rates were much different than they are today....

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Cool! I'll look into it! I'll be ordering stuff next month as well! Thanks a lot!

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You're welcome.

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Yep - biggest thing is to mark GIFT.

I just got some rims from Motor West and aside from paying $40 shipping, had to pay another $40 in tax when they dropped off the package.

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