Options for an AV89, what do you think?

Hi everyone,

Whilst my Mobylettes been off the road ive been thinking about what to do with it, up until now i basically thought to keep it totally stock but now ive started toying with the idea of some styling mods?

Basically, it rips already (when it works!) so running gear is essentially going to stay the same, i just thought there are lots of possibilities of what to do with its look.

before I go on, i just want to say that any mods will be totally reversible and I will keep all the original parts os that it could be put back to stock with a spanner.

At the moment, the bike is fairly clean but not mint, quite a few bits have been replaced to make it run so its not a 100% original bike either so I wouldnt feel so bad about running it non stock, and some of the panels are starting to show signs of rust so taking them off could help preserve some parts,

I want to go a bit cafe racer with it, always wanted one and thought i might give it a go now,

clubmin bars, cafe seat (sitting lower on frame than stock), jacked up rear shocks, maybe a larger rear wheel or tire if there is space to accomodate it, front mudgard off,

Any ideas?

Should i just keep it stock? would it look shit with any of that and im bein stupid? or are there any other mods you would recommend for an AV89,

also, pics of custom av89s or 88s would be appreciated as inspiration!



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