Searching for saddle bags

Does anyone have any leads on saddle bags for mopeds. I'm trying to stay away from the bigger motorcycle bags and get something more delicate like bicycle bags.

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Chris Robertson /

Why not get bicycle saddle bags?

Re: Searching for saddle bags


I'm looking for 'internet leads' on saddle bags for bicycles, Chris. I already come to the conclusion of bicycle saddle bags. URL's of companies that sell the bags are what I'm looking for now. Thanks for your responce.

Re: Searching for saddle bags

Chris Robertson /

Maybe I don't understand what you want, but bicycle saddle bags shouldn't be hard to find. I see them in the bike section of just about any store that sells bicycles (Walmart, Canadian Tire, etc.). I imagine a variety of them would also be available at any sporting goods store.


Re: Searching for saddle bags

also check military supply stores. you can use a military shoulder bag and clip it onto the rear rack of the moped. that's what most of us do. or even a rebular backpack ... be creative!

i'm not a big fan of saddlebags per se. but a nice bag that can be quickly unhooked and then carried on your back is perfect. i have a military bag.

Try.. Bike Nashbar

they are one of the largest discount bicycle mailorder companies

I can't vouch for the quality of their online "catalog"

I like the catalog I get in the mail though.

There is another big bicycle supplier on the net.. but I can't remember the name correctly.

Re: Try.. Bike Nashbar



Re: Try.. Bike Nashbar

Wayne Broderick /

I use stock LL bean bike bgs on my tomos. Works great, only 40 bucks for 2

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