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ya, im new at the ped thing so what the jibbins are people talkin about when they say performance exhaust? is it just a real expensive muffler?

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and then some! a performance exhaust will get you another 5+ mph

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Nicolas Anbeek /

Can you get one and put it on an old (1975) moped?

And from where?

After all, another 5mph would be nice!

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Brandon Edge /


That depends, what kind of moped do you have? I've got a biturbo on my 77 Puch, which is the same as the '75 Puch Maxi or Bombardier and probably a few others. They have them at (highly recommended by myself) and probably (I bought from them once and the shipping took forever) and (highly recommended by everyone else), and (haven't heard much about them.)

Good Luck,

X Brandon Edge X

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so, is performance exhaust just a muffler that will give you the extra 5 mph +??

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Yes, it is a less restrictive exhaust, a chambered exhaust is made for performance.

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No ...a performance exhaust is not really just a muffler that gives you more MPH.

A "tuned pipe" (performance exhaust) is supposed(!) to be designed for the exact engine specifications you have.

They use physics principals of sound waves traveling through air at known (somewhat) velocities to provide...

... a 'suction effect during the exhaust opening stage.

And... a "ramming" effect during the exhaust closing stage.

Both of which help the engine to make more HP.

How much of an advantage YOUR ped will get will depend on how "tuned" your existing pipe is.

If your pipe is a tube going to a box... you should get a big advantage (like 5 or 6 mph)

If you already have a decent stock pipe (like a Tomos... and others)... then your gain might not be as big.

The basic shape of a tuned pipe looks kind of like a snake that swallowed a rat.

It starts off at medium diameter... then tapers out slowly to a big diameter.. then tapers quickly down to the smallest diameter (the stinger)... then has a silencer of some sort.

Re: performance exhaust

The biggest difference I noticed between the biturbo exhaust and the stock exhaust on my targa was that the stock pipe wound way to the left after leaving the cylinder and then came back to the right side of the bike. The biturbo just curved straight down and back to the right on a angle that aligned with the rear muffler mounting bracket.

Also, the inside diameter of the biturbo was at least 1/8 inch larger.

And also, the diameter of the exit pipe on the biturbo muffler was about 3/4 inch where the stock was about 1/4 inch.

Maybe all this is relavent to this type of bike only, but it sure as hell sped the beast up. A little more torque and a ton more level / downhill speed.


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