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Reeperette /

Thanks to Fred, for letting me know Rocky's up here carried moped tires, got my hands on (finally!) a pair of Cheng Shin 2.25x16 PR Street Eaters..WITH the exact tread design I wanted.

And, fer all of you out there with 15"-17" tires in sizes 1.75 to 2.125 - yer in luck, I found those Self-Sealing Tubes I have used previously.

Walmart carries them in the bicycle section.

The name of the Company is BELL, and you'll find them easy enough, just look for the one's that say SELF SEALING on the box.

The 16"s fit Tomos Targa, just so you know - and while they do say "intended for bicycle use only", the Targa is, technically, a motorized bicycle, right ?

Seriously...I've used these tubes before and they prettymuch END the constant annoyance of pinholes, slow leaks, and flats far from home - It take's somethin really, really serious to wipe out a Cheng Shin tire backed up but a BELL SelfSeal Tube.

Only downside is that the tubes cost about $6.00 each, but it's money well spent, believe it.

The Tires cost me $14 each, so fer $40, I replaced and severely upgraded my tires and tubes...not a bad days work at all.

Anyone want a set of them crappy half-slicks, slightly used ?

Cause you can HAVE em.


Re: Tires&Tubes Stuff

david f martin /

I've got 14" tires on my Yamahopper, so I haven't come across the self sealing tubes for mine yet...

I was doing the macho thing and carrying tools and spare tubes and a pump with me and fixing flats on the side of the road, but I've found that a can of Fix-a-Flat is a very nice thing to carry... Pumps the tire up fast, and it's been holding for about a month now.


Re: Tires&Tubes Stuff

Reeperette /

Hit up yer Walmart, David....they do carry 14"s and those will fit Yamahopper tires, just so ya know.


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