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Chris Robertson /

I'm interested in hearing what you guys call your mopeds.

My moped's names are:

1981 Red Honda PA-50: L'il Bandit

1978 Blue Peugeot 103: Blue Thunder

1980 Jawa Supreme3: The Jawa of Life

1978 Beige Peugeot 103: Ped Beigely Jr.

1973 Orange Vespa Ciao: The Great Pumpkin

My friends 1978 Puch Newport is called "Poochie".


Re: Moped Names

Brandon Edge /

I was gonna name my Puch "The First Four Black Sabbath Albums," but that name was taken by my bowling ball (It's clear with a skull in the center). But, with my ped being a Puch Newport, I suppose I could call it "Alive With Pleasure" :)

Then again, I could put some thought into it, too.

X Brandon Edge X


Re: Moped Names

Infected Boot Sector /

I call my 78 Puch Maxi "The Pig of War". Well, not really.

Re: Moped Names

Ron Brown /

I have called most of my infernally combusted machinery names at one time or another. Non of the names are printable, but I usually quit calling them names when I get them running right again.


Re: Moped Names

my 1977 bianchi snark eagle is "lucia"

my 1980 garelli rally sport is "grazia"

Re: Moped Names

Reeperette /

The Austro was "My Porsche" (they were part of the Puch Austro design team)

The Silver Bullet was just that - "Silver Bullet"

The Orange Bullet was - "Orange Crush"

The Golden Bullet was - "The Chariot"

The GB TTLX that was max moded - "Interceptor"

The Trike was - "Bein" (norse word for "legs")

I lost one and had no prosthetic at the time, you see.

The one built outta wrecks was - "The Frankenbike"

The Suzuki is, well, something you can't say in a Disney movie.

And the Targa is - "The Targa" (spoken with reverent tone, since I lusted for one since the damn things came out.)

And the Revival is going to be - "Gargantua"


(There were more, but them's just the ones I liked best)

Re: Moped Names

my 1980 honda express likes to be called "Whonda"

Re: Moped Names

gimmejimmie /

I call one "Moe", short for moped, and the other isn't named yet, maybe I'll call it "Larry" and buy another and call it "Curly"...nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Re: Moped Names

stonnerdog /

I named my puch natasha.

Re: Moped Names

I call my indian the screaming demon (which is ironic because it isnt fast)

The puch is the beast(its fast and takes a beating)

Targa is the sick dog (because i think the tranny is shot

and thats it


Re: Moped Names

My first moped that only ran for a few weeks, which I spent months trying to fix is

Re: Moped Names

Rob Hoehn /

My Purple 76 Batavus VA Deluxe is called the purple peddler.

Re: Moped Names

I've just recently decided to name my honda "the chopper" and my vespa is just "the vespa". I seem to have a leak in my creativity gland at the moment.

Re: Moped Names

the milani a 75 Milani

the bridgestone a 68 bridgstone

El Muerte Roho a carabela

the pipe dream moped a restored Garelli


moped army

swarm and destroy

Re: Moped Names

I just call mine a "hog". People on their harleys get a big kick out of it.

Re: Moped Names

Well I finally thought of a creative name for my Honda today. Pantera. After the character in the cartoon the Thundercats. Quite appropriate for a member of the Thundercats after all. On top of that I love Pantera (the band) anyway. Mik decided today to call his Suzuki: Vincent, after Vincent Price.

Thundercats Ho!

swarm and destroy


Re: Moped Names

Ron Brown /


Very appropriate. You have named one after one of the fastest cars ever made by Ford and the other after one of the fastest and baddest motorcycles to ever come out of England.


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