I'm guessing...

Okay, now my 86 Spree has a big fat blue spark, it's getting fuel, and it won't start. Put it up the other night and now it won't fire. Could that be timing? I'm learning a ton of stuff here.

Re: I'm guessing...

Chris Robertson /

I assume you've got a <b>brand new</b> spark plug --not one you found in a drawer, but one you just took out of the package. This is a really common cause of intermittent spark!

Just because the engine won't fire, doesn't mean that you aren't getting a spark. Try putting a small amount of fuel-mix into the cylinder through the spark plug hole (about half a teaspoon). Put the plug back on (and the spark plug wire) and see if the engine will run for a second or two.

If it <b>does</b> run, leave your timing alone for now --you've got a problem with your carburetor. Take it off, take it apart, clean it with compressed air and carb cleaner.

If it <b>does <i>not</i></b> run, then I agree that timing might be the culprit. It sounds like either you've got a loose wire in your ignition somewhere, or your points are loose.

For information on procedures consult <a href="http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/1/8573/8573/">Fred's guide</a>.


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