hit my first solid object

Just like every other time i have wrecked/hit something, i was going slow (seriously, im amazed by this). i had just made a right after a stop sign so i was only going like 5mph. The Jeep Cherokee stopped in front of me while i was checking my ass (looking behind to make sure i wasn't going to be rear-ended. As i turned to look forward the jeep negated my forward velocity. At impact i pancaked on the rear or the SUV (just like cartoons) which left me in a normal standing position. so i didn't even stumble or fall down.


Jeep Cherokee: scratches, maybe?

caged humans: completely unaware anything happened

My Tomos: twisted forks, handlebars forcibly rotated forward, plastic smudge on front fender

Me: bruises (left cheek, both knees, left thigh), scrapes(right ankle, hands).

my 3/4 helmet: a perfect vertical ellipse of horizontal scratches on the clear full face guard where my face mashed into the car.

Once i determined i was ok (no concussion, broken bits, or leaking), i twisted my forks back to their previous state. Some awesome ladies that lived nearby gave me some Aleve before i drove the remaining 15 miles back to my cousin's house.

Im buying a full face helmet in the very near future.

Re: hit my first solid object

a mirror might be a good idea too.

Re: hit my first solid object

DPC Colin Fortier /

how many time's has this happend that you have hit thing's on your ped ??

Re: hit my first solid object

Sorry to hear about this, but the pancake thing is just funny. So you hit the Jeep, came off of the seat, and were still standing up after the hit, LOL !!!! Sounds like something that would be in a funny movie.

Re: hit my first solid object

first time on a ped ( as opposed to any other wheeled object driven by humans )

i can laugh about it now. was lil dazed directly afterward

Re: hit my first solid object

As a Jeep Cherokee owner & a moped owner, I'm conflicted.

Re: hit my first solid object

i've done that before, endo up to kiss that window.

Re: hit my first solid object

"a mirror might be a good idea too."

youll never realize how great of an idea they are until you start riding a different bike that DOES have a mirror, then go back to your mirrorless bike. youll feel endangered or some shit.

Re: hit my first solid object

I feel better with a left mirror

Re: hit my first solid object

For a while my left mirror was off (doing some work) and I wasnt happy until it was back on. Also, I got a full face 2 weeks ago and I love it. If I want the wind in my face I flip up the plastic. If I dont (the rainstorm wednesday) I keep it down. I'm also way less worried about facial reconstructive surgery in my future...

Re: hit my first solid object

♣Slew Foot♣ /

having facial reconstructive surgery and having 2 mirriors ...

I too am conflicted

but wear a half shell

Re: hit my first solid object

What kind of Helmet did you buy? With the nutbag drivers in my area and my declining reflexes it is prob a good idea....:( Mirrors are required by law here at least on the left side but having both is heavily recomended...prevents this type of wreck, it is always adviseable to know what is going on behind you it is more important to see where you are going forward, mirrors allow both.

Re: hit my first solid object

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

fuck a mirror

Re: hit my first solid object

Glad to hear that you are allright Aaron.

We'll have to ride soon. Good time on the river saturday!

Re: hit my first solid object

My issue with mirrors is blind spots, i guess Convex mirrors would be the best solution for that (objects closer than they appear). i wont be able to judge distance or speed, but i'll know if something is present and/or approaching.

i also have this habit of slowing down when I'm not fully paying attention to whats in front of me.

none my bruises are visible ,no discoloration whatsoever. Nothing aches except my left knee; which has a tendency to anyway. But everything feels better than yesterday.

my helmet is ...uh.... not sure of the brand.

what i do know:

1) DOT and Snell approved

2) 3/4 with full face visor

3)bought it at a motorcycle shop and requested help to make sure it fit properly

4) has a funky "S" emblem on the front, Scorpion maybe?

Re: hit my first solid object

Yeah. It's dumb to ride safely. Fuck a mirror.

Re: hit my first solid object

Re: hit my first solid object

have some gnarly looking bruises now, most are combinations of blue, purple, and green.

right bicep: has to be from hitting the end of the right side of the handlebars. Looking more yellow today.

no idea what the others are from. Like insides of my thighs? Apparently i was like 6 inches from receiving a major shot to the balls.

Re: hit my first solid object

full faces are crucial. most accidents happen on parts of the helmet that only fullface protects:

Re: hit my first solid object

I like that graph-statistic thingy^

I have hit my face without any helmet on the 10.1% area, but only once. I still don't wear a helmet though. I don't wear seatbelts, and I don't use condoms.

I don't hide from lightning, and I don't wear a life-preserver. I don't work with gloves on, unless I'm welding for awhile. Even then, it's sparse.

I inhale when I use medicinal herbs too.

I sometimes run with scissors. I cry alot when I watch the news. I wear shoes and still consider myself naked enough. I see blue when I'm looking upward, outside. I wash often. I write alot with wooden pencils. I like flying.

Good thing ya came out without any major damage. I have wrecked twice bad enough to completely knock me out, but as far as I know I'll live. We don't have a helmet law here, unless you are under 18. if I were in large cities, I may consider wearing one. I have actually worn one before. -Big ol sparkley red one that made me feel like a candied apple.

Re: hit my first solid object

i hit the 0.2%, 5.5% and 19.4%

25.1% total

Re: hit my first solid object

mirrors purchased

Hind sight

Facebook decided I needed to read this again.

I'm so glad this happened. Soon after, I bought a full face helmet, gloves, and a motorcycle jacket (to appease the wife). Logged over 10k miles on mopeds , wearing my gear most the time. Got into motorcycles and was hit and runover by a car last fall. Though the gloves and jacket definitely helped, There's No doubt that the full face saved my life. Anything less wound not have supported the weight of the left front tire coming to a rest on my brain bucket bucket. Now, I was in bad shape, but no major major head trauma.

Though I could barely walk, I rode my yamaha moped in a rally 5 months later.

Doin pretty good. Still notice improvements, for example being able to walk 4 miles in less than an hour just last week. Bought a CH80 to ride to work. Gettin mopeds ready for a couple rallies this summer.

Live fast, ride slow

FTF (edited)

Re: hit my first solid object


Re: hit my first solid object

Let me tell ya, major head trauma sucks. Besides false pain signals that won't shut off, sensations feel like I might be paralyzed neck down at any second all day. Suck

Re: hit my first solid object

Glad you are doing better, may the improvements continue, I remember the posting of the wreck, you were very fortunate to have your gear on.

Re: hit my first solid object

No One Wrote:


> full faces are crucial. most accidents happen on

> parts of the helmet that only fullface protects:


> !http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x91/OldGuy43/i

> mpacts.gif!

Interesting indeed.

I have a couple helmets with impacts in the highest percentage areas.

Re: hit my first solid object

Get mirrors too.

Both stockers on my Express work very well and are convex.

Have saved me once or twice. Between the two of them there are very minamal blind spot areas.

Re: hit my first solid object


Re: hit my first solid object

dang facebook, making me see this again.

moved to the mountains, swapped the Honda CH80 for a Honda NHX110, down to one complete moped, built a little moped box to keep my magnum sheltered from the weather, and sold most everything else.

Found another mopedder to ride with in town. he even likes to grill and drink by a fire. Magnum is now on its 2nd rebuild.


I cant decide when i want to make my SIS chassis E50 or Electric powered.



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