jawa 230 vs 210

found what i thought was an 88 jawa 210. turns out it is a 230. cant find any info, anyone know what the difference is? i will post some pics when get her cleaned up a bit.

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210's are very similar, and are redesigned versions of the 207 engine (what you have).


Re: jawa 230 vs 210

pictures please?

Re: jawa 230 vs 210 (actually 130)

sorry it is actually a 130 model. im guessing this is the 1 speed version of the 220. almost complete i need the petcock and a few covers. it did come with the original toolkit with lock and has the trick ass tire pump frame compartment. pump is in great shape. overall im pretty stoked to have found this. just out of break in with 225 miles.


Re: jawa 230 vs 210



Re: jawa 230 vs 210

almost shat myself when i found the tire pump in the frame. how cool is that!


Re: jawa 230 vs 210

mfg recommend break in 200 miles.


Re: jawa 230 vs 210

Richmond VA born and raised. soon to be back on the streets.


Re: jawa 230 vs 210

wow, that's in great shape except for that rear shock and the whole being a jawa.

just kidding, good score!

Re: jawa 230 vs 210

damn, good eye. yes the left rear shock is busted. cheers!

Re: jawa 230 vs 210

Vlado vlado /

I have almost new shock $10.- plus shipping- if interested email me

Re: jawa 230 vs 210

hey man

i have a black plastic cover with dzuz fastener for one of the

rear compartments.

just have one side

10.00 shipped.

also have a rear shock too

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