Starving for oil

I heard from a friend that Briggs and Stratton announced that they ran a test that found that when oil is drained from one of their engines, it will run at idle with no load for over 21 hours before it seizes (I haven't actually read the report so I dont know which engine they used or anything). I was curious to know whether any moped engine manufacturers have ever released the results of similar tests. I think it'd be kindof interesting to see how other small engine manufacturer's results compare (even though mopeds would be 2-stroke rather than 4).

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A two stroke would seize in no time. The oil in the fuel is the only lubrication, versus a wet sump four stroke that would have oil cling to the parts.

I knew a guy that worked for Suzuki and one of his jobs was to get rid of the bikes that the company provided for training of the technicians. Since they are brought in the country from Japan without tariffs, they could not be sold and has to be destroyed. He had stories about taping the throttle open on a small two stroke bike, nosing it up to wall and starting it up in gear. That one smoked the rear tire with the engine screaming at 10,000 RPM for 20 minutes. Hard to believe!

The other thing they used to do was to put ball bearings in grease inside the air box. After the engine got hot enough to melt the grease it would suck up the ball bearings and blow up the top end on the four strokes.

Usually the bike were just disasembled and the parts sledgehammered into scrap.

Jim C.

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Chris Robertson /

[Back of hand held to forehead]

Oh the humanity!

Re: Starving for oil

Man! No OIL! Makes my skin crawl!

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