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I was wondering where the new member of janus got his Avanti. It's a nice looking bike. Also, Odd's are brandon will respond, are there any new moped dealers in our area? I'm willing to drive a little ways but where the hell are the dealers?

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I was the first one to own steve's avanti. I happened to win it on ebay and was shipped from Wisconsin to omaha. It came from scooter therapy...so contact them if you want an avanti.

There are no dealers that i know of in south dakota. Talk to people in garretson about mopeds. I know they have at least 25 people with them. Or put an add in the newspaper. Cory and i got a lot of responses from doing that.

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There aren't any dealers in South Dakota that I know of, but I'm sure there used to be, back durning the oil crisis. They are all now hidden away in people's garages, for the most part forgotten. Seriously, post a want ad, hang up fliers, let your community know that you want a moped and they will appear. If I can get my lazy ass going, I'll probably start looking really hard for more mopeds to fix and sell.

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Thanks for the comment :)

Re: Wondering

way to represent, janus!

seek [for mopeds], and you shall find [mopeds]

Wisconsin? Really??

Ummm, could you tell me where Scooter Therapy is? I'm in Wisconsin and thought this state was a vast mopedless wasteland, I was considering having an Avanti shipped from PA or OH!

Never mind, found it!

Thanks for the tip!

Re: Never mind, found it!

scooter therapy is in hip madison. check them out. you'd think they were all about scooters ... but they respect mopeds, too. prettyd decent (i.e. informative) website.

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