Drunken moped riding...

Hellcat Carrie /

...is a very bad idea. Did a little research in this area last night with a friend, and we were a very sorry sight on the way home!

Don't want to post more because I'm probably already offending a large percentage of the moped army members!

Re: Drunken moped riding...

Chris Robertson /

I have a theory: alcohol molecules are attracted to two-cycle fuel molecules. The alcohol and fuel-mix interact catalytically causing glee particles to be released.

Don't try this chemistry experiment at home, kids!

Re: Drunken moped riding...

Hellcat Carrie /

Yes, there was a very high glee factor, until I ran out of gas and had to pedal home. Actually, even then I was laughing my head off. (Just for the record, I'm a total lightweight and am very susceptible to glee particles even in my non-drunken state. It doesn't take much!)

It's still a bad idea.

Re: Drunken moped riding...

Reeperette /

Very bad idea indeed.......but honestly, I doubt all that many of us, especially the older folks can say we haven't made the same experiment with a straight face.

It's when one sobers up that the joy seems to turn to knee-quaking fear, as in

"oh-my-god-that-was-so-stupid-I-coulda-got-killed!" kinda fear, anyhow.

Of course the one time I did so, didn't really have a choice, and rode down the sidewalk at circa 8Mph..cause I knew damnwell I was too crispy to be on it in the first place.

Here's a trick...fill a plastic glass mostly full of water.

Put the keys to your ped in the water.

Put the glass in the freezer.

THEN go drink.

By the time yer plasted enough to think of ridin, you ain't gettin them keys back, and the time it would take to thaw em out is usually sufficient to get sober enough to reconsider that decision.


Re: Drunken moped riding...

gimmejimmie /


I like the keyed ice cube idea, I'll use it in my Jack & coke, when it melts, it's time for a refill. just kiddin man, I'm against drinking and driving, but I do it, within my limits. Everyone has their limits and should stay within them.

At the end of the day or week, it's nice to unwind a little with a drink, smoke, jogging, reading, riding the ped, whatever gets you off.

Where I ride my ped is a small beach community with hardly any traffic or cops, theres a group of us on peds that party from house to house and end up on the beach. We never have any problems with the cops or community.

I'm not some rich snob, I work hard and I party hard, half my life in a factory, and when the weekend and summer is here, I'm gonna party and have a ball on my ped. It's been a looong winter, huh?

Months ago, I read a story on drinking and driving in England, and there was a service that if you got plastered in a pub, you call this company and they would send a person on a bike or moped (i'm not sure) to the pub and drive your drunkin ass home with the bike in the trunk of the car. The next morning, you and your car are home safe. (except a hangover and your woman bitchin at ya)

If you are gonna drink and drive, know your limit. You can get hurt just standing still and falling over, add 30+mph to that, then you're talking EMTs. I think I'll have another beer, it's the weekend. All's I'm riding tonight is this computer chair and momma later.

Re: Drunken moped riding...

i don't ever want to see someone ride or drive drunk. ever. period. people die that way.

i'm not against drinking. and having a glass or even two (if you can handle it) might be ok. but especially on a moped ... at night ... which is dangerous enough as it is (as ree about that!) ... being drunk and trying to get home is NOT a good idea.

so no disrespect. but i hope never to see that. i WILL knock you off your ped (or take your keys away or whatever). i WILL do whatever it takes. whatever injuries are inflicted are far far worse than what could possibly happen.

i'd rather lose a friend to a fight than to a death.

Re: Drunken moped riding...

sorry about going off ... but i really hate drunk driving. it goes beyond mere carelessness or foolishnes. it's downright suicidal and homicidal.

Re: Drunken moped riding...

Reeperette /

Dude...who do you think is one of the guys the bars call to come collect folks who've had to much to drive ?

Imma Cabbie, believe it or not...they call me.

And in all honesty, I'd rather deal with folks tossing thier cookies in the back of my cab, then hafta think about the same poor sod wiping out someones kid on his weaving way home , you know ?

And yeah...I'd even haul a mopedders wheels home for him too, no prob.

I don't even charge for it.

(Most of em only do it fer free on New Years, but what the hell, yannow ?)


Re: Drunken moped riding...

Ron Brown /

I'll drink to that!

Re: Drunken moped riding...

gimmejimmie /

reread my post!

I'm talking about responsible adults that know when enough is enough. I've taking keys and plug wires and hauled them home too. There are punks & drunks that can't handle it. They are a problem to society until they mature (wise up), but usually the damage is done before they get the help, by then, it's court appointed.

Re: Drunken moped riding...

no, i understood you guys. i was just making clear my position on drunk driving (moped or car). it's just not even a laughing matter. it will be discussed in kzoo ... that's for sure. most of us don't ever drink at all (i'm an exception). so it's never really been an issue before. it just troubled me to hear that people i know were riding around in that condition ...

and i will knock people off of their peds if that ever happens around me.

Re: Drunken moped riding...

The real pisser about drinking and driving is that when anything, and i mean ANYTHING happens, you're screwed. I don't care if you just had one beer and got rear ended by a cop...YOU'RE screwed. Just ask me...no, i wasn't rear ended by a cop, but it was about as foolish, not my fault, yet I got the shaft.

Shit, I know people that drive better after a few beers, but it's still a crap shoot. That's my 2 cents... i'm gettin a beer and gonna go try to figure out this odd noise coming from the tranny of my ped (no, i'm not going out ridin...heehee).


Re: Drunken moped riding...

And that is what happens when you let politicians spend millions to get reelected... and then let large corporations provide those millions to the politicians to get elected (or reelected).

.. Who's business does the politician pay attention to?

The business of ther large corporations who helped him get elected...

Insurance Co's are one of the largest political money contributers in the country... So they have pushed for extensive "screw the citizen" rules and regulations.

I am NOT advocating getting slobbering drunk and driving... but the extent to which the states rules and reg's are designed to screw us over is... out of control.

I agree with miguel

If you are drinking, walk. I think it totally stupid to drink and drive. The next time i see someone mopeding drunk, i am going to put my ulock on their bike until morning. it is just plain stupid.


moped army

swarm and destroy

Re: I agree with miguel

Just for the record, I'd had two beers and was gleeful but hardly what one would call out of control. We went five blocks and I ran out of gas, so I pedalled home. On the sidewalks. We laughed our heads off the whole time and I would never do it again. If you'll recall, I originally posted that it was a BAD IDEA. I'm hardly advocating this as a way of being, but sharing a pretty funny (yes, stupid, I never denied that) after-the-fact event. So calm down guys, I know drunk driving is a stupid thing and would never even consider it in a car (my father does this, but he's not exactly someone I choose to immitate) but I think I can be forgiven for a wee jaunt of five blocks or so when i was tipsy.

So chill the fuck out, Dan and Miguel. You aren't my babysitters and while I allow that it was dumb and you can pick on me for it, you don't need to judge my entire character on one ultimately silly incident. More often than not I AM the DD.

Excellent idea for hiding the keys, Ree. Sorry I didn't get back to this forum sooner; I was off having other crazy adventures in New Jersey and South Haven (both involving mopeds!)

Re: I agree with miguel


No problem. And none of us were harping on you too much. If so, I apologize if it seemed that way. I just wanted to make it clear that we don't advocate that. It wasn't aimed at you, just at the thought of drinking and driving. It's a touchy subject for me. So you can forgive me a bit and give me some leaway on that as well.

Re: I agree with miguel

Cool. Just felt a little beleagured upon my return. I might play around at being dangerous, but only rarely do I actually do something that actually might be potentially life threatening - you know, the policy of "if it probably won't kill me, I'll try it once". It is a touchy subject, hopefully for everyone. For instance, I hate it when my dad pops open beers as we go barelling down the country roads. He won't let me drive the truck while he drinks (apparently vaginas render one incapable of driving any vehicle larger than a Volkswagen) so I have to sit there pissing myself until we get where we're going. I grew up this way, but it still scares me half to death.

Re: I agree with miguel

yeah, i'd actually just get out of the truck/car if that was the case. i really do have zero tolerance for some things.

a "friend" of mine (he turned out to be a real ass for other reasons as well) went to jail for drunk driving. he hit a middle-aged couple. killed the wife and severely injured (nearly killed) the husband. and he walked away w/o a scratch. an entire family wrecked for no reason and this guy still doesn't give a shit.

i'll walk 50 miles home before i get in a car w/ someone who's had too much to drink. unless i can physically prevent them from driving. if they don't want to give you their keys, let them get in the car. then slash their tires.

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