Service 1979 lazer

Can anyone help me find someone who can tune up a 1979 Lazer in SW Florida.I can't seem to find anyone that is willing to give it a try. Thanks

Re: Service 1979 lazer

The only moped shop I know of in Florida is Mister Moped, their site is but if you can maybe get a service manual for it, depending on the work needed a usual small engine repair shop may be willing to have a go at it. I know I got my ped serviced at one of these places, the guy just happened to be into peds himself and was able to do it. Good Luck.

Re: Service 1979 lazer

Hi! It's a ways to drive,but I've heard good things about `AAA MOPED' in Miami.(305-223-2041) and how about `ACTION WHEELSPORT' in St. Petersburg? (813-526-0800. Hope this helps!

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