Palm Oil Fuel ?

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Thought you all would get a bang out of this.


King Seeks Patent for Palm Oil Engine Fuel

Updated 7:54 AM ET May 4, 2001

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej has applied for a patent on a formula for using palm oil which could fuel diesel engines, helping to cut pollution and save on oil imports, officials said on Friday.

Santi Rattanasuwan, deputy director-general of the intellectual property department, told Reuters the king had found that a special mixture of palm and diesel oil could be used in diesel engines without the need for modifications or a filter.

"This will be a great help for the country," Santi said.

"The concept of using palm oil as engine fuel is not new. Many people have talked about it, tested it and failed.

"But the king's formula, which he tested and proved himself, works well with the engine," Santi said.

Industry Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit said the ministry would ask the state-run Petroleum Authority of Thailand to assist with producing the palm oil formula fuel so it could be sold in Thailand at low cost.

Re: Palm Oil Fuel ?

hehe that's amusing to hear that apparently their king is some sort of chemist. it's hard to believe how just how much royalty is esteemed in thailand when here in the states our president is made out to be such a blooming idiot by just about everyone (exaggeration - i don't know politics and i don't think i want to).

and with all the pollution in urban thailand they could certainly use something cleaner.

rock on thailand

khawp khun khap


Re: Palm Oil Fuel ?

Chris Robertson /

I remember reading in the local newspaper a little while back about a guy in Montreal who had a car that ran on vegetable oil. Apparently it isn't very hard to convert a diesel engine to work with oil.

Some of my colleagues at work went on a business trip to Thailand last summer. The Thai king really does invent stuff, too. The people there LOVE their royalty. If someone were to openly slag the king, or princess (or whatever) he would probably get into a fight!


Re: Palm Oil Fuel ?

Hellcat Carrie /

Here, on the other hand, the president really IS an idiot.

Re: Palm Oil Fuel ?

Reeperette /

>>I remember reading in the local newspaper a little while back about a guy in Montreal who had a car that ran on vegetable oil. Apparently it isn't very hard to convert a diesel engine to work with oil.<<

You don't even have to convert the engine, not one bit - I know a guy with an old VW Rabbit Diesel who runs this stuff.

As fer how it's made....

Easy, mix vegetable oil with the correct proportion of methanol and let it blend some in a container - you end up with VegeDiesel aka "BioDiesel" which will run in any common Diesel engine, and some crud in the bottom of the container, which is actually a glycerine-base soap you can wash the vehicle with, and is easy on your hands too.

Tis a cheap, no-waste proposition, really.


Re: Palm Oil Fuel ?

brazil used to make cars called "brasilia" (basically vw, but made in brazil). those ran on ethanol from sugar cane and/or corn. those were made in the 70s. but then bolivia started selling the brazilians petrolium and natural gas ... and they found some and drilled themselves ... so that project ended. too bad.

Re: Palm Oil Fuel ?

Now Carrie, be nice. Our president is not an idiot. He may be a simpleton but I don't think they have to wipe the drool from his chin and wipe the other parts of his body for him.....Yet.

There was a story in the news about ten years ago about a guy who was driving across the country with his diesel car that had been converted to run on vegetable oil. He was getting the old oil from McDonalds along the way. He said you have to be very careful and not use animal fat because it would gum up the works. Come to find out, soon after that, McDonalds announced they had been using beef fat for their fries. So much for that theory.

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