Leaky tire

I seem to have a slow leak in the front tire of my Kinetic Magnum. It is a new 'ped with 170 miles on the ODO, so the tire is basically new. I inflate it to the recommended 22psi, but then a few days later, it loses some air (does NOT go completely flat) and I have to add air to it. Is this normal?


Re: Leaky tire

Ron Brown /


Not normal. First, spit on your finger and make a bubble on the end of the valve stem. If air is escaping, the bubble will expand meaning you need to tighten or replace the valve stem. Any service station/tire shop of any kind can take care of this.

If the valve stem is not leaking, you have a leaky tube. You will have to expose the tube and dunk it in water to find the bubbles. Then you can patch it with a cycle kit.

If you are not sure how to do this, ask anyone who fixes his own bicycle. The operation is exactly the same.


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