Rigid moby project FINALLY near completion

I started this project 5 years ago, then my life took some major shifts. Today this thing is all done except for the tuning, but it is running and sounding good.

The two things I like best about mopeds is that they are cheap, and they are silly. So I set out to spend as little money as possible, and keep things fun. Every part on this moped is from a vintage stock moped that I had lying around except the cheap ass Dellorto knockoff, and the high compression head which was given to me.

It is modestly ported (Thanks Micah), and the Stock MBK pipe sounds Awesome (thanks Bret)

I am very happy with how things came together. It is amazingly low and light compared to other bikes I have owned, the compression is awesome.

I hope to do some serious riding this year after years of not having a road worthy bike.


I hope to get some better pics soon.

pic 1

Pic 1


Pic 2

Pic 2


Re: Pic 2


Re: Pic 2

Is that exhaust header trimmed down? It looks weird for some reason.

Re: Pic 2

It's an AV10 exhaust, so it mounts at a different angle. I had to fuss around with a custom mount for it to work.

It is overall all better built pipe, more solid, less restrictive, and it has a layer of sound deadening material on the inside.

Re: Pic 2

That is NICE! Really clean, like a dreamsicle. Mmmmm....

Good work.

Re: Pic 2

Looks nice. We should ride soon. I am local (Topsham) and would be nice to meet some more locals. I could meet you in P-town if you want to ride. I also run a rigid most of the time so we can complain about the roads together.

Re: Pic 2

i like your parkay floors

Re: Rigid moby project FINALLY near completion

Turned out nice Dan.

Does this mean we'll see you at some rides this year?

Re: Rigid moby project FINALLY near completion

Sullivan & Sullivan,llp /

That's a sweet bike but I cringe at the thought of what your kickstand is doing to the aforementioned parque flooring.

Re: Rigid moby project FINALLY near completion

Wow to minty rare model 40 chainguards. Looking good.

Re: Rigid moby project FINALLY near completion

Thanks for the concern about the floors, but what you can't tell from the pictures is how incredibly damaged the floor was this winter from a burst pipe. It is a complete mess in huge areas and I am either going to have replace, or refinish it all anyway.

I certainly hope to make it to some rides around New England.

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