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theres a screw sticking out of the carb on my 78 peugeot 103 with a spring on it, im pretty sure its either a idle or a air/mixture screw. which one is it? and what is the correct amount of turns(from all the way in turning it left how many times around). thanks!

Setting Peugeot 103 idle

Chris Robertson /

It's a combination idle speed, air mixture screw!

To set the idle on your Peugeot, make sure that your throttle cable is loose enough to allow the carb to spring all the way back (you don't set the idle by tightening the cable as is the case with some mopeds).

1. Warm up the engine. Ride it around the block a couple of times.

2. Tighten the spring-loaded screw all the way in.

3. With the bike on the stand, slowly unscrew the idle screw. The speed of the engine will decrease. Stop the back wheel with the brake (and then let go of the brake). The idle is correct when the wheel no longer starts turning.

I have two Peugeots, and I find that they can be picky with their idles. It seems they'll happily idle for hours on the stand, but when you're in traffic you find out that the idle is too slow and it dies on you. If the best you can do to keep a reliable idle still has the wheel "nudging" ahead, it's probably good enough.


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