Proper Idle Speed

Rob Hoehn /

I just cleaned my carb spic and span and put it all back together. My friend and I were wondering what the proper idle ought to be. Should it idle slow enough that the rear wheel doesn't turn?


Re: Proper Idle Speed

Chris Robertson /

The rear wheel shouldn't turn at idle.

Re: Proper Idle Speed

it should turn just a bit on the kick stand. your weight on the bike should be enough to keep it from moving on the road.

Re: Proper Idle Speed

Brandon Edge /

When I first start my moped, it idles fast enough to turn the back wheel and make the bike shake. After a few minutes, it just turns a few miles an hour. After about an hour or so, usually on a hot day, it will idle so slowly that the bike almost quits. It's not really a problem, as my bike doesn't spend too much time at idle.

Re: Proper Idle Speed

my bianchi never really idled for more than a few seconds ... maybe 15 or so ... but then again, i love reving it up at stop lights ... and i also don't spend much time on idle! ;-)

[at least when i have an engine on my bike, that is]

Re: Proper Idle Speed

My Kinetic Magnum with 170 miles on it seems to idle pretty fast. The rear wheel will turn maybe 10mph on the stand. And sometimes it will idle faster than that, like after I've been riding for awhile and then I put it up on the stand while the engine is still running. Is this cause for concern? If so, how do I adjust the idle speed? Thanks!!

Re: Proper Idle Speed

Ron Brown /


It is normal for a motor to idle faster as it gets run in and the internal friction is reduced. It is not good to have the clutch dragging at idle.

If your carb is like most, there should be a screw on the side of the carb, which looks like its end would line up with the bottom of the slide (the part the throttle cable lifts up and down). The screw also has a spring on it to hold its position. Note exactly where this screw is positioned in case you want to return it to the original position, then turn it slightly counter clockwise. Your idle should be slower. If you have two screws, one is the idle, the other is idle mixture and is located to one side of the slide. After lowering the idle, turn the mixture screw slightly for the smoothest idle, then slow it down some more if needed.


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