Winnipeg Roll Call

There's been a good amount of topics on Winnipeg, but we've never actually all connected to ride. So here it is, I'm collecting everyones contact info so I can plan rides and such.

Post your info here, or email me! Also email any friends info who you don't think will check this forum.

Re: Winnipeg Roll Call

come on boys! and girls!?

Re: Winnipeg Roll Call


hey teej, sent u an email..nice meeting y'all today...

Re: Winnipeg Roll Call

there's more of you. get at me with your contacts!

Re: Winnipeg Roll Call

Dangertooth -PipeDreams/- /

You have got me already, but bump for Winnipeg/Roadents love.

For anyone who is interested" Cody, the dude going across Canada, just rolled into town on his moby!

Re: Winnipeg Roll Call

got ya Brent! send me over anyone else's info you have!

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