1979 lazer

I have a 1979 lazer when you first take off on it it seems to bog down like it is starving for gas then it will run to the top end and run fine it is only at the start off. Any suggestions on how to get this right. I have no service manual and I am new to this Moped world. Please help. Thanks

Re: 1979 lazer

Im no professional but that sounds like your getting too much gas, adjust your air/gas screw and just play around with it untill you find where it works best(you should only change it a half turn each time untill you find the right setting)

Re: 1979 lazer

What size jet are you running, I think it might be getting too much gas, and that

Re: 1979 lazer

I was told they are size 52 but I am not sure. This is all very new to me. Where is the adjustment for this. Thanks so much help you can give

Re: 1979 lazer

Reeperette /

52's a bit big for a Lazer, the only one I've ever seen ran a 48.

Worth a try, but don't run too lean and seize it, allright ?


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