Tomos now has 35 dealers in Ontario ..

This is not an advertisement .. I'm just greatly encouraged that Tomos is now selling electric bikes, outboard engines, inflatable boats, scooters and mopeds as it makes finding a dealer and parts source much easier .. I was ready to give up on Tomos in Canada and started searching for other moped dealers like Peugeot. I had found a website yesterday (can't find it today)which says Tomos is expanding greatly in Canada, so I guess I may not have to buy a Pugeot or other brand after all, which is good because I know the Targa LX (with upgraded shocks) is my first choice. Now all I need is the money.

Re: Tomos now has 35 dealers in Ontario ..

---------------- LaZer ------------* /

Maybe you could design an oil injection system that doesn't fail.

Re: Tomos now has 35 dealers in Ontario ..

now you can get your factory tomos replacement chain right there in the motherland.

Re: Tomos now has 35 dealers in Ontario ..

what other brand sells mopeds in us and canada besides tomos? i thought peugeot only sold scooters

Re: Tomos now has 35 dealers in Ontario ..

I didn't think Peugot sold scooters anymore. Maybe he's thinking of Piaggio?

Re: Tomos now has 35 dealers in Ontario ..

Peugeot sells the Vogue in Canada for like $2600

Peugeot moped Velo .. $2192 Quebec

Just got word from the dealer in Ottawa .. he can order it into Ontario.

Tomos injectors don't fail unless ..

Tomos oil injectors don't fail unless the tank is empty, or routine maintenance is ignored, or an accident disconnects an oil line. Many Tomos owners on MA testify the reliability of Tomos injectors.

Re: Tomos injectors don't fail unless ..

rock finally shredding pow /

i think the puch oil injection system is far superior

Re: Tomos injectors don't fail unless ..

perhaps they are reliable.

i am more reliable, therefore, mine has been removed.

Puch coulinjector could not be far superior

The Tomos A35 had a small weakness in the 'clutch' which could wear and need replacement (mine replaced at 10,000 miles) .. but other than that the system is fail proof, and the oil tank was good for five or six gas tank fillups covering 600 to 700 miles, so Puch could not be "far superior." However, if you can think of any feature on the Puch system which would make it far superior, please let us know. The Tomos A55 comes with a different clutch, I have been told.

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