front wheel loose???

My mobylette has a slightly loose front wheel, yet the fender, the brakes and all the bolts I can find are there any reason for this or any way to remedy the situation?


Re: front wheel loose???

Might be that the cones that hold your Bering

Re: front wheel loose???

sounds like your front wheel bearings are shot, take the wheel off and check them, they should stay together and no rust or grime in there. if you can find any other bearings just replace them. if you cant find another set of bearings just go to your local car shop(autozone or whatever) and pick up some waterproof grease and grease up your bearings really good and then put the wheel back on, that would probly give you about a month, maybe more untill you can find some new ones or a new wheel.

Re: front wheel loose???

Ron Brown /

It is a good idea to remove the axle so you can check it is straight and clean the old grease from the bearings. If you have damaged balls see a urolo.... sorry, you can buy new ones at a bycicle shop. If the cones or cups are worn, you are in bigger trouble but sometimes you can go up (best way) or down on the size of the balls to move the bearing surface.

Use automotive chassis grease and do not over tighten the bearings. You should be able to spin the axle between your fingers with no detectable play befor you install the wheel.


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