What is this worth?

I am new to the moped world, currently have two Puch's but ran across this today. They are asking $320 with the title or $300 without the title (duh).

1979 Kreidler moped

Runs good, has some rust but its solid

Never had any problems, just replaced the front tire with a NEW Michelin tire

Top speed is 30 mph on flat ground

Has working brake lights, wouldn't take much to make it road legal again

Its green/chrome

2 speed automatic

Does have Title


Re: What is this worth?

campeona del mundo /

rare! buy it

Re: What is this worth?

It's a Kreidler if you don't know. They're hard to find parts for, but have a really solid two speed set up.

If you end up not getting it let me know cause I will.

Re: What is this worth?

i have 3, i'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Re: What is this worth?

get it now you wont be dissapointed.

Re: What is this worth?

look for how intact the ped is, i would jump on it then ask questions later.

money being what it is, help one of us fellow swarmers get it if you decide it's not for you.

don't expect to get parts, any upgrades you do will be kustom

not having backup parts keeps me from doing much with mine besides riding and enjoying it

buy a common ped if you want to tinker

this make 5/5 votes buy

Re: What is this worth?

Not hard to find parts, so long as you don't mind the shipping...

Go for it!

Re: What is this worth?


hurry up and buy this


Re: What is this worth?

Tony montana /

ask boot2thehead, he has like four really nice ones. but i would say get that baby!

Re: What is this worth?

dont pay anything under a hundred-grand, or the guy wont think you appreciate it.

Re: What is this worth?

Buy it forthwith! get the title! (duh)...lol! sweet bike, be sure it is complete as parts are hard to come by. Best of luck!

Re: What is this worth?

I gave away a kriedler as i had not time to mess with it, the gal who got it tore it down and made it beautiful looking. They run so very quiet. Enjoy!

Re: What is this worth?

Going to look at it/buy it tomorrow! woo hoo!! Thanks guys.

Re: What is this worth?

the kriedler I rode in cinci felt like a snappy ZA50 those engines are also reliable if left alone and oil swappings be regular. I think it helps to go ahead and overfill the trans fluid level ~25%

Re: What is this worth?

glad to see your going to get.

kreidlers shift early and hard sometimes. you need to let it shift, so ease off the gas for an instant until you feel it shift. same thing when coming to a stop, it'll down shift at 8-10 mph. they are smokey at full throttle, over jetted for restictive purpose

i fred flinstone start them, center stands barely keep then off the ground. 3-4 steps w butt on seat and it'll fire right up.

johnnydoube is the kreidler guru, he's wiki'd a page on simple de-restriction.

i have black, orange, and yellow. i'd love to have green.

Re: What is this worth?

fallout Survivor /

Nice, I have the same model but in bad shape... price looks right.


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