I'm looking at buying a moped in my area which is a Gemini Commander. Does anybody know anything about these bikes? I have been able to find mentions of the Gemini brand on used motorcycle and minibike sites, but know nothing about when they made their mopeds, or anything about the company.

Any information at all would be appreciated!

Re: Gemini

i've never heard about it. i know there were sold by sears and montgomerry wards, which makes some of us suspect it has a puch engine. but the seller told me it has an italian engine ... so go figure. it looks like a hot bike, though.

Re: Gemini

Heh, you must be looking at the same E-Bay auction as me, then. :) It's so rare to find something for sale in my own state (not to mention having a title!) that I'm hoping it stays in my price range. The savings on shipping and title services would make it worth trying to fix up. (And resell before any irreplaceable parts go bad!)

So far, all I have found for info is a website for people who own Gemini SST minibikes. Apparently, those used a customized version of the Yamaha engine. But those bikes were discontinued in 1972, and the moped is supposed to be several years after that.

Re: Gemini

Hellcat Carrie /

Both of you should try emailing the guys who are selling the Gemini. They have several others that they are selling, and seem pretty knowledgeable about their bikes. But I have dibbs on the Batavus, if it's a mobat!

good luck guys!

Also try There's a link to it on the resources page.

Re: Gemini

Hi! The GEMINIS I've seen have smallish,bicycle type seats and that is a turn-off for me.I like the big ,soft seats for those bumpy roads and long trips! BYE!

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