honda spree speed limiter

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i have an 85 honda spree she tops out at around 35 mph my friend was telling me that i can make it go faster by removing the speed limiter is this true if so is it illegal and how fast could i make my girl

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Re: honda spree speed limiter


Re: honda spree speed limiter

This last year I reverted my '85 spree back to a more "original" configuration due to the gas milage.

I bought the moped in 86 with 300 miles on it. After 2000 miles I blew a hole ( water corrosion) in my exhast pipe. At that point this is what I did:

Placed a modified Honda 80 exhaust pipe onto it to reduce the restricted flow.

Placed a circular airfilter on the carb to get rid of the airflow restriction.

Used a Bosch Super Platinum Spark Plug - if you do anything do this! They run better at high RPM's then even any Japanese manufactured plugs and will give consistant ignition.

Ran Evenrude high performance 2 cycle oil.

Ran super unleaded gas - with the occasional 108 octane boost.

I was going to port the head and give more top end, but at this rate I was already passing vehicles on the local freeway doing 55+

Anything more start looking for a carburator from an 80 or 90 to put into it.

The airflow restriction is in dire need to be removed.

Might want to find a larger rear tire in the 3.5 range to fit on the back side to help stabilize it. No guarantess, but that was also my next move - if I remember right.

I still run the Bosch Plug. But everything else is gone back to the original and sold .

Good luck - but I will leave you with this parting words:

The faster you go the more squirlier it will get.


Re: honda spree speed limiter

Watsonian /

Could you help me out and tell me specifically which model of spark plug and which type of air filter. Did you remove the variator restrictor? Thanks!!!

Re: honda spree speed limiter

I have recently bought an 86' honda spree, and i read all of the stuff above. I really want it to go faster. I would like it to max out at about 40-50 mph or the best i could get, nothing above 50. I was wondering if you guys could tell me in detail how to do it, if you had any suggestions, and possibly where to get the items. I bought a splitfire for it, but that did not do anything. I will try to get that bosch sparkplug if you could tell me what the number for it is. my friend told me that she drilled a hole through the exhaust baffles inside, but i dont know if that is a good thing to do or not. Thank you very much.

Re: honda spree speed limiter

kyle allen /

i have an 85 honda spree how do i get it to go faster than 35 like tweak the engine i want ti to go like 45 mayeb even 50 guive me suggesntiosn like wyas to tweak it please asap!Watsonian wrote:



Re: honda spree speed limiter

Would like to know the number of Bosch Super Platinum spark plug that can be used in the 1985 Honda Spree .


Re: honda spree speed limiter

Katie(Moped girl) /

You don't have to do anything! Just Pull the gas a little farther!!!!!!!

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