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hey everyone, my name is vegas, im fairly new to the forum. i used to have an 80s tomos, which i gave to my uncle a year or so ago, and he donated it to Motion Left, in Elkhart.

i really would liek to get back into them.

im currently looking for a moped to get going with.

I am a Tattoo Artist at THE TATTOO LADY in Hammond, IN. willing to trade ink for a ped.

any help??

I'll send the ink .. you send the ped.

Baffle the Waffle /

Why not?

Re: I'll send the ink .. you send the ped.


Re: New to Moped Army

OH!! i dont mean Trade tattoo ink for a moped, i mean i want to trade tattoo work for a moped. im a tattoo artist (in a shop) and want to tattoo someone for a nice running ped.

Re: New to Moped Army

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

Ignore Targaped.

Re: New to Moped Army

Pushrod Fifty /

How bout going to some moped rallies and offering tatoos for mopeds? No one has done that I bet. You could make enough at one rally to buy a new moped.

Re: New to Moped Army

perhaps. but i dont know anyone in the scene.

maybe ill offer MA discounts here at the shop, i really dislike tattooing outside the shop.

Peddy Cash is a club around here, but i cant contact any of them

Re: New to Moped Army

wow you're way up north. we Power Animals havent got anything that runs to offer, and we have our own in-gang tattoo artist. I'd search the south bend craigslist as that's a pretty moped-rich spot without the chicago prices. towards central indiana there's a shitload of garellis, pretty much every bike shop within of indianapolis was a garelli dealer in the 70's.

Re: New to Moped Army

SpankaSorusRex /

damn if i were in that area i would be all over that, i wnat alot of work done, i only have a fews pieces and i deffinately want more

Re: New to Moped Army

well, offer still stands. i cant find too many good running ones. and i know almost nothing abou tmopeds.

hit me up on myspace

Re: New to Moped Army

just picked this up. well, just called to have it delivered. it will be here tomorow and ill post more pics!

Re: New to Moped Army

dude, that thing is not a moped. these people are gonna crucify you. RUN!

Tattoos are against Moped Army Rules

Philosopher's Kidney Stone /

Penalty of death.

Ignore Targaped at your peril.

Philosopher's Kidney Stone /

Great Peril. Terrible Peril. Perilous Peril. Terribly Perilous Peril. Perifliferaciously Perilacious Peril.

Re: New to Moped Army

its a start for me.

like i said im new to the scene.

and i honestly couldnt find anything better for the price

Re: New to Moped Army

Mickey Bill Moore /

nopeds are a great start, good luck on finding peeps to ride with

and if you start buying and selling mopeds and riding regularly you'll have your own moped gang on your hands before you know it

Nopeds are no good for long rides ..

Canadian Outlaw Inlaw Bylaw not Bi /

You can't change leg/foot position on a noped .. very tiresome on a long ride. P.S. Beware the Nate Monster.

Re: Nopeds are no good for long rides ..


yea, my boss's husband just bought this tiny ass scooter. and he was teh one that motivated me to get a moped/noped

so ill at least have one dude to ride with.

i wanna tune this one to go a tad faster tho.

Re: New to Moped Army

Hit up rallies, post on Craigslist, or do what I did. I talked to one of my gearhead clients. He wasn't into mopeds, but he knew where to look. Traded a few hours of tattoo time for a pretty clean motobecane.

Re: New to Moped Army

damn!!! that sounds sweet!!


Re: New to Moped Army

ignore tptwo, major cuntface with nothing to do, cool noped brah!

Re: New to Moped Army

thank you sir.

and i cant find anything on treats for this lol

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