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I have seen posts recommending discarding oil injection and premixing. Is there a link to or is there a simple explanation why this is prefered?


Re: oil mix

The explanation is simple, if your oil injections fails. your motor will fail with it. if you mix your own then your not relying on old mechanical bits. If your gonna kill your moped make shure its you doing the killing and not it just killing itself.

Re: oil mix

What Mark says is true. The thing is your entire bike is made up of mechanical bits - the art is to keep it all running properly. Oil pumps are fine as long as they are attended, however many people simply ride their bikes and toss maintenance to the wind. The funny thing is: if you are willing to put in the extra effort required to premix well that's a lot more than it would take to care for the oil pump.

Another reason to premix is a fast way to accommodate for changes in the environment - that's why racers love premix - if the conditions at the track dictate a change in ratio then it as very easy to comply. Most pumps have a set rate.

To appropriate a term from JohnnyD - the _FUCKFACES_ that steal bikes are more than likely predisposed to be ignorant to the requirement of oil for the beloved stroker. When my bike was stolen that oil pump is what saved the engine. For as surely as I got it back the _FUCKFACES_ would have fried my engine were the pump absent.

Consider your needs and environment, and ride as you will.


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