Hi, new to MA

The Bergeler /

Hi, just joined this group. Looking to buy a Puch Magnum or a Cobra. Can't see much difference between those two. I live in Dallas.

Re: Hi, new to MA

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Good luck, we buy them all.

Re: Hi, new to MA

King Drunky JCams /

The Cobra is slightly smaller.

I think they both are sick bikes.

You're gonna have to be alert and have your money ready.

Both of those models tend to get snatched up quickly.

Re: Hi, new to MA

yo, me and a few others ride in Dallas. the only toptank peds i know of here I brought in. competition is stiff w Austin demand. good luck and shout at us (Fly by Nights) if you want.

Re: Hi, new to MA

Be prepared to spend lots of money for either of those bike..... Better start off a little cheaper. Oh and welcome...

Re: Hi, new to MA

just weld a top tank on a freespirit. putting a top mounted tank on any moped adds a couple horses powers. and, makes it look like a motorcycle. wait.......

just get a motorcycle and weld pedals on, take out the huge motor, and put in a kitted e50 or za50

Re: Hi, new to MA

Conrad Conrad /

just get a maxi for now.

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