say you got a Pa50....

My PA50 seems to 4 stroke at full speed and full throttle.from what i here they like to do this, My air cleaner in clean and i was just wondering if yours did this and if a smaller jet will stop it. also, will a smaller jet make my hog slower, cause thats the last thing it needs. Thanks!! have a great day!! Matt

Re: say you got a Pa50....

Strange... Mine never did the 4 stroking thing... Its mostly the Italian and French peds that do that .. not the Jap stuff.

Try running with no air filter for a minute to see if the situation changes.

If it doesn't change.. then maybe you are not 4 stroking because of jetting.

It might be something else.. (or it might not be 4 stroking)

And I don't know if Honda sells a smaller jet.

If it truly was 4 stroking from rich jetting .. then a smaller jet would make you go faster.

And by the way... How fast does it go?

Re: say you got a Pa50....

Ok this may be a dumb question but how do you know if a ped is 4 stroking?


Re: say you got a Pa50....

Ron Brown /


As you reach maximum speed for your ped, the exhaust note will change from a high pitch to about half that pitch and you will stop accellerating or even slow down a bit.

I am begining to conclude that this is caused to a large extent by the reflected pulses in the exhaust causing the intake air to be pushed backwards through the carburetor, thus picking up fuel in both directions and causing too rich a mixture.

I say this because my motobecane would soak the air filter with fuel when I reached maximum rpm.


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Matt; Go without the air-filter for a test drive. Got a Pa50 and had the same prob couple of weeks ago. I even tried a new air filter and it runs like crap. So I don't run with one now and it goes great.....220 Lbs @ 50 kph Had it doing 60 once down hill.....but the little beast don't feel too secure. 50's fine, and with the price of gas...........


Re: say you got a Pa50....

Im not too sure exactly how fast it goes. I bought my ped in REALLY rough shape from a junk yard. The front end was in a fire ( yes it was in a fire) so the headlight assembly where the speedo goes wasnt in too good a shape. I still have the speedo but ive yet to mount it cause the tip of the cable is broke off in the wheel, and I think im just gonna one for a bicycle. Itll be easier and cheaper. I still have to do a before and after with the tranny weights to see exactly how much of a difference it makes. Ill be doing that in a few days or so. Ill post my conclusions.Did you ever do your "mystery" mod yet? Howd it work?

Re: say you got a Pa50....

Chris Robertson /

Hi Matt:

I think we all agree that changing the weights will only make a very small (if any) change in your moped's performance. Try out <a href="">this mod</a> first. You might find messing with the weights after you do this will be worthwhile.



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