california ped laws

do you need proof of financial responsibility (insurance) to ride a moped in California?


Re: california ped laws

Yup, gotta have it all. Registration, license, insurance.



Re: california ped laws

I remember Jim C. posted about this a while ago, and said if you go into the dmv and ask for the papers for a motorized bicycle, it will only cost you 6 dollars for life !!!!! Search around for his posts and email him about it.

Re: california ped laws

You need insurance, but proof isn't required when you register your ped since you do it thru the mail. Avoid going to DMV to register your moped. If it is being registered for the first time get Form 230 from them and mail it from home. If you are transfering title, use the part of the current registration form that concerns this.

DMV is pretty ignorant about mopeds and you should avoid those people since we can!

Jim C.

Re: california ped laws

stephanie paschal /

05/31/01 went to DMV and registered a suzuki FA-50 (no pedals, but still qualified as a moped--not sure why this is); paid a one-time only fee of $5; was told I needed a class M2 motorcycle license to ride; was not required to carry insurance; have to wear a bicycle helmet (minimum); and was told to ride on the side of the road like a bicycle.

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