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Does this Vermont trick still work? I have a moped in Oregon with no title and it says that Vermont doesn't title motorcycles below 300cc. Do I just need registration from them and then Oregon can take that and turn it into a title?

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Nevermind, I found all the info I need.

Re: OREGON. no title!

> Haden Asay Wrote:

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> Nevermind, I found all the info I need.


My Vermont plates just arrived here in Beaverton, Oregon today! Sunset DMV had said I needed to track down the title from 5 owners ago out of state?! Thank you Thank you Thank you for the Vermont Registration info as it worked perfectly and our little Moped is now in my and my wife's name. Now just gotta figure out if I need to get tags or an Oregon registration or what. (edited)

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Stephan Piel /

Did you get your Vermont registration/plates transferred to OR? What did you need to provide the DMV with to do so? I sent out all the paperwork to Vermont and am waiting on my plates now.

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Have not yet. My VT reg card with my Oregon address and sticker for the plate just showed up last week though. DMV is a mess right now so I am not in a rush to Pay hundreds to switch from VT to OR and get a title. Have been researching on (edited)

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Nicholas Scholten /

Wow this is a hardcore vampire thread.

Was gonna chime in that Oregon is a titled-only state. No title, you're SOL unless you can get a title from another state. OR won't give you a replacement or create a new one.

Been struggling to get an XT250 I've owned for like 15 years now, but have no title (just BOS) registered here. x.x Looks like I definitely need to check out Vermont registration!

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Moped Lar (OFMC) /

As long as it’s 15 years or older, VT will hook you up. I got my untitled ‘96 Honda Rebel registered in VT. I’ll title it in VA when the registration is almost up in VT.

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