OREGON. no title!

I bought a moped probably about a decade ago in Colorado. No title/registration/plates required in that state, never got a title from the owner, don't know if he had one.

I now live in Oregon and am trying to figure out how to go about making this thing legal to ride. I do not have a bill of sale, don't remember the name of the guy who sold it to me.

All I have is a slip of paper that came with the moped originally with the name of the original owner, her address in 1977, purchase date, engine number, and frame number.

Those of you with Oregon DMV experience, what do I need to get a title/registration to get this thing legal to drive?

(About a year ago I went to the DMV with photos of my moped (including important vehicle numbers) but apparently that wasn't sufficient; they wanted to me to physically bring the moped in, which I can't really do as the moped isn't legal to drive it there.)


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Oh yeah, my moped was purchased in California by the original owner, if that makes a difference.

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Take your moped to them, along with the documentation you have from the original owner.

You _can_ put it in the back of the truck, even if it isn't legal to ride it.

Of course, before you do that. You might just try having a friend fill out a bill of sale to you, stating that he sold you the moped. Assuming it is not stolen, there will be no problems with doing this.

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If it hasn't been previously titled in Oregon, all you need is a bill of sale from a state that doesn't require registation. They will give you a temporary (paper) registration and the DMV in Salem will mail you an actual plate about a week later. Works every time.

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what if you got it on craigslist and dont know if it has been titled? i wouldnt want to get the person on the out of state bill of sale (or myself) in trouble.

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It's a form 550 you need to fill out. That's as far as I've gotten...

That's before you need to bring the moped in for VIN inspection, registration, etc.

What part of the state are you in?

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As far as I can tell this is the simplest way:

Go to the DMV right off NE 82nd, just north of the I-84 ramp.

Get the form that they said^^

Go back with your moped, driver's license, out of state (Idaho or other no-register state) bill of sale, proof of insurance and $162 (I think; don't remember exactly).

Wait for a long time for your number to be called.

Go out to your moped with the vin inspector and convince said inspector that it only goes 30 and that you, in fact, did not build it out of random spare parts.

Pay lots of money.

Take your temporary motorcycle plate and laminate it or stick it in a ziploc bag so you don't ruin it.

Get your real MP plate in the mail in a week or two.


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I'm in PDX.

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just print a "certification of ownership facts" form the dmv website, fill it out, and mail in. They didn't even do a VIN inspection on mine.

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Thanks everyone!

The SE 82nd/Powell DMV is most convenient for me, so I'll try there.

Hutch: Unfortunately form 550 is the one form they don't have on their website.

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Those sneaky bastards! but yea, now that you mention it, I did get the form from a very informative dmv worker. Very atypical. haha I have asked for the same form from other DMV's, they seem so unaware of it or something. Then you have to browbeat them into giving you one. Regardless, good luck and come ride with all of us.

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Oh, I got turned down at the one on Powell. They told me that I couldn't register it. I had to drive to the other one.

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I kill them with kindness. "Browbeating" may be an exaggeration. ha!

I didn't even bother to try on Powell, that's my least favorite DMV in the whole area. Though, if you have your shit in order, they push you through quickly.

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I'm down in grass seed country north of Eugene. Nice quiet country roads to ride on, but a little too rural sometimes. One advantage though is the DMV is usually empty...

Best of luck!

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think they would have the form at DMV express lloyd center?

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I went to the North Portland DMV off of Interstate last week with my DL, proof of insurance and handwritten "Idaho" bill of sale. The bill of sale had had a statement from "the seller" to the effect of selling me the moped on a specific date, for a specific amount of money with the vehicle year, make, model and VIN listed. Below that, the addresses of both parties followed by their signatures.

I filled out an ORS 730-550 stating that "due to my engine having a displacement of less than 50cc(thanks Peugeot, for stamping 49cm

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Idaho trick has worked for me on three different peds.

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MN is easy as well....

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You sound like you know what's up.

So, I just got my first moped and I'm about to go attempt to get it titled/get plates. I've rigged up a Montana bill of sale, and am getting form 550 to fill out. So, question is, I'm in Portland, which DMV is most likely to give me the title? Sounds like some of them are a bit more picky...

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Charles Cole (OFMC) /

I got 5 MCs registered at the SW Boonesferry & Monroe DMV with the bike and hand written bill of sale. Google Earth it. They look at the physical bikes stamped frame numbers & then give you a plate. Simple. Should be the same for a Moped. Also usually little wait at that location and super friendly people.

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5 year old thread

Re: OREGON. no title!

Matt Kefer Wrote:


> 5 year old thread

Not anymore.

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Lizzy Trickey Wrote:


> Yo,

> You sound like you know what's up.

> So, I just got my first moped and I'm about to go

> attempt to get it titled/get plates. I've rigged

> up a Montana bill of sale, and am getting form 550

> to fill out. So, question is, I'm in Portland,

> which DMV is most likely to give me the title?

> Sounds like some of them are a bit more picky...

I've had pleasant experiences with the one up North on Hayden Meadows Dr, brought two mopeds, my motorcycle, and my car into Oregon through that one. Avoid the downtown DMV as they don't do VIN inspections there.

One of my friends (and newest Puddle Cutter) Tyler got grilled really hard at the DMV in SE when he had a somewhat sketchy out of state title situation for his van, but he did make it through. Honestly it probably has more to do with who you see at the counter that day, at that same DMV his roommate Jesze was able to get a motorcycle plate for his dirtbike so who knows.

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Did you buy that black Urban?

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Oh that bill of sale is gonna work just fine.

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Fuck your Boys Club /

The Vermont trick is cheaper than filing for lost title and going through all the paperwork. Register it in Vermont by mail. They send you a plate and a title, take that to the DMV and have it transferred to Oregon. Or don't. Ride with Vermont plates for a while? Anyway it's the easiest way of getting the job done.

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Fuck your Boys Club /

And when you're all set come out and ride with us on Wed nights at the Vern or Tuesdays with UB at Angelos.

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Or use a Nevada moped plate 4 that matter ..

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