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I plan to paint my moped soon... any suggestions on good paint to use??

Re: Best paint

Appliance epoxy.

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Personally I am partial to flat black.

You can get it in heat/gas resistant, it is the easiest paint to touch up, and it can look pretty awesome if its on the right bike.

Now if I had access to a nice paint booth or a powder coating set up, it might be a different story.

Try and keep it simple. 1 or 2 colors.

Also, getting new decals goes a long way to making a new paint job look legit.

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+1 for appliance epoxy. Tractor paint is my second choice.

Re: Best paint

Cool thanks, I'll check it out

Re: Best paint

type "best paint" or "spray paint" into search bar and get a treasure chest of information.

Re: Best paint

Any idea where to find it?

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Well if price is not an issue & since a moped will probably only need 1 rattle can of paint may I suggest Alsa Corp paint for ya.

They sell chrome paint to companies who make chrome paint so they can make the cheap chrome paint cap look good.

Also they have color changing paint,

heat sensitive color chainging paint (VERY COOL !!!)

...etc,etc,etc. Check it out.

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Flat black header paint. Any autopart store.

Or the Flat Black special gas grill paint, krylon makes it.

The Ultra-flat camo-paint that auto-stores have looks super awesome too, but it doesn't stand up as well as the other two to gas/light abrasion. But if you invest in a couple extra cans, you'll be good.

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Duplicolor or Plastikote.

But you have to clear coat it with this:

Or something like it. A 2 part poly clear.

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Powder-coat. Done and done.

Also, the Alsa paints are the shizzle

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you cant paint a bicycle with one can of spray paint let alone a moped - Take your moped completley apart -strip or sand the old paint -clean and coat the tank if its a frame tank bike and then have someone in the know trying to make some dough on the side( almost ever guy that works at macco or earl schieb) shoot a coat of primer sealer on it then shoot the base in what ever cool color they can steal from work then shoot the clear and dont be stingy with it around the filler cap and swing arm- then paint, polish. refurbish or replace each part as it goes back on your bike untill its all back together- This is the only way to have a clean looking moped that jumps out at you as being just that. ---it is worth it in the end and you will know more about your bike before you did!!!!

Re: Best paint

Powder coat.

Re: Best paint

I second the alsacorp killer can paint. I'm going to use it on a gas tank that I have.

How's that bike working out?

Re: Best paint

Pushrod Fifty /

rustoleum lasts a long 'ol time

Re: Best paint

If you paint a moped with one can. Ur doin it wrong....

Re: Best paint

Ok once again:

Powder coat or Alsa Corp paint.

Who would not want a moped that changes color in the sun ? In the winter you ride a black bike. In the summer you ride a bad ass custom colored wonder. There are pics of a sport bike where the heat from the motor changes the color of the farrings around it, BAD ASS !!!

8oz of paint can cover a sport bike. They make the real chrome paint !!!!

Ohh yeah and it cost like $100 for a can of chrome & $700 for 8oz of the color change !!!! LOLz but still that shit rocks !!!!

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