I Want a faster Honda Express

I donn't have a lot of engine experience but i would like some simple tips on how to get my '87 honda express to go around 40mph


Re: I Want a faster Honda Express

Ride it down hills.

If you are willing to do some modifications you can get a larger front sprocket or a smaller back sprocket. This will give you higher top end but take away from your acceleration. The opposite gearing will give you better acceleration but lower top end.

If you want more all around power you can get a 70cc kit with a larger carburetor and bi-turbo muffler. I don

Re: I Want a faster Honda Express

stonnerdog /

rofl dont ride it down hills first off the honda express and urban expresses all have belt drives so no larger sprockets to help increse speed what u can do is look for a racing pipe and a larger carb for your ped that would b the easyest and cheapst to get it to go faster.


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