1950's Puch VS50?

Anyone knowledgable on old Puch's know what this is? I am pretty sure it is a Puch, and also pretty sure it is mid-late 50's...vs50 maybe?

Guy contacted me about selling, but think he wants too much $$$ considering it is a non-runner. Although the motor turns over, it is "pretty stiff," according to seller...


Re: 1950's Puch VS50?

Get it! that one there is a NICE and rare one!

It looks completely European to me, but the color still says it coulda been sold at Sears. Same bukie, but they sold nicer ones over-seas, and that one's go all the frills. The chrome on the front fender tip, the large fender, the rear fender skirts, the dual tool boxes, WOW!

If you need a manual or answers, email me..


Re: 1950's Puch VS50?

What kind of tag is on the side of the frame? what numbers too? Does it say Sears anywhere on the tag?

Sure looks like a European Puch, without being an Allstate.

Yep, it's mid 50's.

Re: 1950's Puch VS50?

Re-looking, i'm thinking it is a European model and it could even be late 50's or early 60's, but it has the color of the earlier 50's Allstate Mo-Peds, which were Puchs sold through Sears to the USA.

Re: 1950's Puch VS50?

emailed, x2

Re: 1950's Puch VS50?

unfortunately, I only have four pics (emailed them to you) so I know very little other than what the seller has said.

Re: 1950's Puch VS50?

get it.

parts avaiable at Motor West.

its a Puch

probably a 4 speed

Re: 1950's Puch VS50?

Definitely not a 4 speed, but possibly a 3. I don't think it's an Allstate. Almost positive it's a European-sold Puch MV50. Early 60's or late 50's.

Re: 1950's Puch VS50?

It's a late '50's Allstate Deluxe, 2-speed. It's basically a gussied up Allstate with a flared front fender and tool boxes a la the Sears Sabre. Pretty rare, even as Allstates go. There's someone else selling a package of 3 Allstates somewhere on the left coast. He's calling them all 1957 models and one of them is just like this one. I don't believe all 3 are '57's. I'm sure MotorWest has parts or can get parts. Also, check this guy out who's selling this one. He's got quite a few locations he's trying to sell it from.


Re: 1950's Puch VS50?


Sure was making my head itchy with the wonder.

Weird that it's that color... and that I have NEVER heard of one before. I'd love to see some stuff about this one. Do ya think that leg-shield came with it? if so, why so ugly and not like the Euro-versions? Also, those hand grips aren't the originals are they?

I do know I love it!

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