Targa and biturbo?

My friend just got a brand new targa(a regular one not a lx) and hes gonna be getting a biturbo, would he have to change the jet to achieve the most of the biturbo and if so what should he change it to? hes small (about 120), what would the top speed be after the mod? would there be a major noise increase? any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Targa and biturbo?

u dont need the jet. it only kills ur top speed

Re: Targa and biturbo?

Ataristyle /

I have a larger jet in the carb. I went from the stock #53 to a #56. I would rather run w/ a larger jet than have my piston seize. As for the BiTurbo, it is not loud at all. I made mine a little louder by pulling out some of the insulation it has in it. I still want it louder : ) I weigh 155lbs and am 6ft tall. I also have a 27 tooth sprocket on the bike(I didn't see a difference in speed). I'm getting 35mph in winds and 38-40mph on a smooth road with tailwind(ducking down to the bike gets you faster of course). If you dont have the 27 tooth sprocket I would try it after you add the BiTurbo and larger jet since your friend is lighter than me and the sprocket might work better for him. Good luck!

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