My LX /

Almost finished getting my LX ready for the safety inspection...

-Downjet from #82 (too big) to #68

-heated, bent and painted a A55 stock pipe to fit my A35

-Repainted all the removeable panels, flat white

-sand and clearcoat the gas tank

-put on digital speedo

-put on stock mirrors

-put on chain guard

-cleaned up frame and Armor All for the tires, seat and plastics...

I plan to sell her once I get the her plated properly...

Re: My LX /

Still does almost 40 with the stock pipe... I was suprised!

Re: My LX

i just posted this bike all over my blog saying it was mine because you didn't waterstamp it...


Re: My LX /

No watermark on this one... I don't plan to keep here so...

Re: My LX

You dont deserve her any Lance.....

Re: My LX

not honest and forthcoing mr. cliffy

Re: My LX /

Hey... I've treated her well and showed her love... The LX is just a bit to fragile for _my_ oversized frame... back to my slow ass Heapmate for now...

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