Minnesota moped laws

The great state of MN requires no drivers license, no helmet, no turn signals but do require eye protection and INSURANCE. Get caught without insurance and the cost was $380 in fines, loss of license for 30 days, $35 for license application, purchase risk insurance policy and placed on risk insurance for 3 years surrender moped license and reapply after proof of insurance. What a wonderful world we live in

Minnesota moped laws

That should read loss of drivers license for 30 days

Re: Minnesota moped laws

Actually, MN does require a valid driver license for operation of a moped, or a special moped operators license if you have never had a driver license before.

Get insurance. Problem solved. The states Motorcycle/Moped manual states that insurance is required. You should know your laws before operating.

Re: Minnesota moped laws

Sounds about right to me; The state doesn't care if you hurt yourself but if you hurt someone else you should be able to pay, hence insurance.

The fines do sound a bit high considering most people didn't pay that much for their moped to begin with, but its 'semi' fair.

I bet you will have insurance now right?

Re: Minnesota moped laws

The fines are county issued - so the local jurisdiction sets those fees. I'm guessing that since Minnesota is pretty much broke - like most other states right now - that the counties raised their fines to come up with more revenue. Either that, or they were always really high for that type of ticket, since it's kind of a serious offense.

Imagine hitting a pedestrian; it doesn't take much to rack up thousands of dollars in hospital bills, especially if they need to do MRI's. I should know. I was hit by an uninsured guy in 2006.

3 year long lawsuit.

Over 26k in medical bills.

Or spend $70 a year in insurance. Do the math.

Re: Minnesota moped laws

Also, see the MA Wiki:



A moped means a bicycle that is propelled by an electric or a liquid fuel motor of a piston displacement capacity of 50 cubic centimeters or less, and a maximum of two brake horsepower, which is capable of a maximum speed of not more than 30 miles per hour on a flat surface with not more than one percent grade in any direction when the motor is engaged

You must have a driver's license in order to drive a moped legally

If you are under the age of 16, you can drive a moped by taking classes and obtaining a moped endorcement

Protective headgear is required for persons under 18

A moped can be driven at night as long as it is equipped with a headlight and taillght, meeting the requirements of lighting for motorcycles

Any bike made after June 1, 1987 must have a headlight

Insurance is required

A title or proof of sale (with a photograph of the moped) is required for registration

Moped plate issued

Does not require inspection.

Re: Minnesota moped laws

^Yep, ins is needed, what I find amusing is that you can ride one of those motorized skateboard things with no ins no liscense etc, they are way more dangerous than a moped, minimal brakes no lights, tiny wheels etc. Go figure. That fine is draconian for a first offence though.

Minnesota moped laws

Missouri is just a valid drivers license. No motorcycle endorsement, helmet, inusrance, plates or registration, required.

Re: Minnesota moped laws

Salsa Salsa /

Did you go to court? you can get out of most stuff by just going in and talking to the prosecuting attorney.

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