Helmet Advice?

Here in California I'll need a helmet to scoot around the streets on my QT-50.

What sort of a helmet should I get? I'm torn between a minimal biker bucket and full on protection.

Reasonable price range?



Re: Helmet Advice?

Vanilladog /

the minimal biker helmets are usually not eve DOT approved, which means they are not actually lehal for street riding. I use a full (but with open face) helmet with a DOT rating. It cost me just under $40. The even better rating system than DOT is SNELL. These are REALLY safe helmets. Happy putting!

'Nilla DOg

Re: Helmet Advice?

Ron Brown /


If you feel ok risking your face, go with the 3/4 open face like Vannilladog sugests. Don't worry about Snell because a 3/4 Snell is very difficult to find and very expensive. I know, I have one for my Motorcycle and it cost about $200.00 and the most uncomfortable helmet I have ever owned! DOT helmets should be fine at moped speeds.


Re: Helmet Advice?

Ataristyle /

I wear a helmet that I bought off Ebay for $10. Its called "Maxon Mark II." The helmet if from '85 and is full face. I took off the plastic visor on it. I'll wear a pair of wrap around glasses whenever I ride. It is DOT approved.

Re: Helmet Advice?

i don't wear a helmet, though some think i should. amen for michigan! you don't need a helmet if you're older than 19.

but ... my two cents worth ... if you're riding a nice italian moped, try to see if you can get an italian riot police helmet. they look cool and should work well enough.

get a pickle helmet!

You know like tho ones worn be the germans in WWII, with the spike on top. Talk about style!!

Re: get a pickle helmet!

I prefer the ones with large horns sticking out both sides.

Re: get a pickle helmet!


I'm in san diego, just bought a helmet today for my ped. I went to every thrift store i could find and found a sweet 3/4 one for 12 bucks. good luck!


Re: get a pickle helmet!

LOL. Wish I could. Gotta go with DOT. I will jazz it up, however... The novelty helmets are cute but will get me in trouble with the constabulary.


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