Labor rates?

What do you guys usually charge labor wise for working on mopeds for people that are not regular riders? ie average joe off the street that just has a moped. I have a dude that i've worked on his bike and his sons for a few months now but dont really charge them properly. thoughts?

Re: Labor rates?

Well a shop would probably charge 50 bucks and hour. I ususually do 20 or 30 depending on what it needs and how much extra labor is involved if something goes wrong.

Carb cleaning, pretty easy

Taking a bottom end apart and redoing it, not so you cant always make a hourly labor rate especially if the job requires specialty tools that otherwise the person couldnt do on their own.

Re: Labor rates?

$25 is fair for a guy working out of his house

Re: Labor rates?

that labor rate doesnt include the 6 pack of beer and the 15 minute breaks I take every 45 mins.

Re: Labor rates?

I agree with orangerobin. For something that could be learnt in 15 minutes by anyone anyway, like carb cleaning, brake adjusting, tire changing, light bulb replacing, etc, I couldn't see myself charging more than $20 an hour. For anything that involves more serious work (replacing cylinder, engine seals/gaskets, clutch shoes; welding, painting, precise tuning) then $30 or more is in order.

Re: Labor rates?

i charge about 40 per hour. but i never charge full price. ill work on a bike for an hour and charge 20 bucks if it is and easy fix but i will charge more if i burn myself on there pipe. but they make out more often then i do. but things change depending on alot

Re: Labor rates?

a standard rate is going to be $60-85 an hour.

What I have always done is just made stuff straight up pricing..not hourly. Like replace a tire, clean a carb, install new kit, etc. etc. I'd price things like that, because for mopeds it is all pretty easy and if it takes you 45 minutes or 10 minutes no one feels like he/she is getting ripped.

Re: Labor rates?

i heard boobie charges $234.16 an hour. i owe him $4,934,346.32 and a new brake lever.

i would think about how much money you want and then make up an hourly rate to get what you want.

Labor rates?

Usually Flat Rate per job like stated above. If they talk your ear off with stupid shit, add another 10%. If they help, add another 25% for training. If they have a beautiful girlfriend sitting around posing for the mechanic, knock off 10%. If she....well, never mind. Tips are allowed.

Re: Labor rates?

Yeah I unfortunetly most of the work I do is for either people I know, or its on a bike I sold someone.

Straight up pricing is fersher the way to go.

Carb cleaning, 40

Tire change, 50

Kit, a lot

etc etc etc.

The other times I have had people just be like, make this bike run. At that point have just given people a price range and said it could be more or less depending.

Thing is, I used to feel bad about charging people for shit like changing a cable or cleaning a carb, tire, spokes, etc.

Then I realized how incapable most people are at this sort of thing.

Like we forget, you aren't born knowing how to do this shit. Just because some of us could clean a bing or a sha in our sleep under fire blind folded doesn't mean its "easy".

It just means its easy for me and you.

Re: Labor rates?

i would work on it for a pizza. post an add on craigslist, the combustion engine is simple to work on, transmissions is where it gets crazy

Re: Labor rates?

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

shop rates in the moped world are almost always like $60 an hour, though some may be higher. motorcycle and scooter shops usually are around $85 an hour.

having some dude work on it out of his garage or something will probably be cheaper.

Re: Labor rates?

I would say whatever you can get, the local shop charges 80+, depends on how much you like them I guess...

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