Just Picked up a Veloslowlex

It's been a few years since I've owned a moped. But while looking for a bicycle on CL, I stumbled across a listing for a Solex moped for $150.

I showed up, took a look, the Solex was partially taken apart and in a box. I wasn't much interested as I thought the bike was complete from the ad, asked the seller about the bikes he had around and after seeing there was nothing special was ready to go. Then he asked me about the moped again, and I told him I might take it for $100. Surprisingly he agreed, so I paid him and walked off with my first Solex.

Anyway, took it home and started putting the thing back together. Some parts were missing, but nothing that would keep it from running.

I couldn't get it to start though, except by putting some drops down the carb. So I got online and found Brian Solex's site and saw that the fuel pump diaphragm was probably dried out. Took the pump apart an sure enough the diaphragm was rock hard, it softened up after soaking it in gasoline for a minute - and I was able to get the engine to start up after that.

Brian directed me to where I could order new parts. And so I ordered what was missing.

Anyway that's the start of my Solex story. Thank God you can still get parts for them so easily. Every other moped I had was a nightmare when something broke or fell off.

I also just moved to Texas, apparently you need to have a specific "moped license" to ride one here (silly ain't it?), so I'm pretty stoked about getting a "moped license" to show off at the liquor store.

PS: moped photo is attached, and it's amazing the moped army is still using this outdated forum software after all these years.


Re: Just Picked up a Veloslowlex

nice, they're alot of fun.

Re: Just Picked up a Veloslowlex

Congratulations, Dave, and welcome to Solex World! You got a great deal! Just let me know what else I can do to help you.


Re: Just Picked up a Veloslowlex

That's a beauty! You won't find anything as reliable and fun as Solex. They're slow, but still the riding experience is totally unique , And this website is pure awesome for it's hand written code and elegant simplicity, much like mopeds themselves.

Re: Just Picked up a Veloslowlex

I'll see what happens once my parts arrive! Hopefully all will be well then.

Re: Just Picked up a Veloslowlex

It is a bit amusing to have the engine out in front of you, it feels like it is a totally different machine from a moped.

all put together now + pic

So today I got my parts from Velocruz. It amazes me that I can get parts for a 30 year old bike - any parts I need.

So with a new air filter, pump membrane, and expander bolt for the handlebars I'm pretty much set. Installed the headlight and the mirror too.


Re: all put together now + pic

Very nice!

Re: all put together now + pic

Oh, for future reference, the expander bolt that velocruz sells _will fit the 4600 stem_ but you have to file down the locator nubs on the cone a little bit so they'll fit into the slits on the stem. Works perfectly.

Re: all put together now + pic

Thanks! Good tip!


Re: all put together now + pic

Did the blue paint in the can jump onto the moped overnight?

Re: all put together now + pic

I think it's more of a green.

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