Saved my old QT50 from the garage sale

I got a call from my mother the other day while I was at the office and she informed me that my father wanted to put my '81 Yamaha QT50 in their garage sale!! Of course I objected and road triped to their house this weekend to pick up my old childhood friend. I hadn't seen this bike in over 15 years, frankly I forgot they had it in the storage shed.

I rolled it out of the shed, and was surprise to find the tires still had air in them. The bike was a bit rougher shape than I remember, but thats because my two younger sisters used it for a while when I was in college. All the parts still seemed to be there, including the owners manual. Unforunatly when I was loading it in the van we broke off the right side mirror at the threads, now I'm going to have to find a new mirror and try to re-tap the treads (dang it!!). Of course I'm going to have to get it to run before I worry about the mirror.

It should be a fun little project, I don't know what I'll do with it when I get it all restored. I guess it doesn't matter, just as long as I saved it from being sold to some if I could only find the person that bought my '86 Honda Aero 50 that I had with me in college.


Re: Saved my old QT50 from the garage sale

good job! but don't let it sit. ride it every chance you get!

Re: Saved my old QT50 from the garage sale

Well it looks like the bike is going to be a bigger project than I had hoped. First of all I find out that there is still a tank of gas in the bike, gas that is 15 years old!! I was pretty nasty when I drained it out, I'm sure I'll have to rebuild the carb and all the fuel lines.

Then I find out that the piston is completely locked, so I spent the evening taking the engine apart and trying to dislog the pistion...after an hour I was successful. Now I'm having to work on the piston so that it will fit back in the engine, it's not scard, but it just seems to have expanded.

I have a feeling this will be a long journey for me and this old bike...


Re: Saved my old QT50 from the garage sale

first off ill say that the origanal owner let a reckless kid ride it in 1985 and wreacked in to a fence and in 1986 he bought an other qt50 for parts and his son tryed to fix it but he quit so two months ago i bought them bolth for $20

what a steal well 2 monthe later its 95% fixed all i have to do is rewire it

and try to start it up but i had a lot of stuff to do to it i had to clean and coat the gas tank thank god they shut off the fuel valve the nylon tires where still good

so ill see how it turns out

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