Peugeot carb. probs

hi i have a 1978 peugeot 103 in awesome condition but it didnt run and i never had the motivation to try to get it running again(to interested in my puch) but the other day i got bored and decided to fix it, i poured alittle gas in the cylender put the plug on and peddled it, it fired right up! so then from there i drained out all the old gas and put new stuff in. then i realized that the reason it wasnt running was because of the carb(dirty or clogged) so i took it apart cleaned it and put it back together. now when i turn the petcock on no gas flows thru the fuel line when its attached to the carb and when it isnt attached it flows fine. what could be my problem? any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Re: Peugeot carb. probs

Reeperette /

In order for the fuel to come out, air has to go if no air is coming in (cause the carb is hooked up) something must be clogged or plugged.

You could try priming the carb manually and starting her up, but if something's clogged you won't run very long on the little bit in the carb.

Hit up this post ( ) and read through the carb-cleaning part, especially about using compressed air, cause that's likely where any not-so-obvious clog would be.

Hope that helps,


Re: Peugeot carb. probs

Ron Brown /


The carb bowl should have an air vent hole or tube somewhere, check for blockage here.

You could also try it with the float bowl removed and see if gas flows through the "toilet tank valve" (technical term). You could have installed the float incorrectly so that it can not drop to allow fuel to flow.


Re: Peugeot carb. probs

Did you check the filter in the carburetor? Peugeots use gurtner carbs which have a second filter in the carb in addition to the one on the petcock. There's a big (like 1/2-3/4") nut right under where the fuel line connects. Take it out and make sure its clean.

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